Out on a limb II – Navigating Israel’s Political Waters

Take a look at this Haaretz commentary regarding the political situation if you like, and compare it to this prediction post I started on July 10th regarding the toppling of the Kadima / Labor coalition.. Out on a limb I – Navigating Israel's Political Waters

I predicted Olmert had two options to save what I thought was his & Peretz' teetering government. I said Olmert might go with a topple of Hamas, instead due to circumstances that started two days later he went with a topple shot at Hezbollah.. My time frames were sped up by the unknown factor, the Jihadists.

As the other option I predicted Olmert could swing out & try to resolidify his coalition right, Mazal Mualem above at Haaretz suggests this as a possible avenue for Olmert too right now, an only way out that could have worked before, as I wrote. But now seems like a long shot. I also wrote about Peretz and his Labor situation, that's coming into play as well..

Hmm, who knew? Then again I predicted this war would blow back in April. When it comes to politics this is the little blog that could.. I'm a very humble guy and such things do not come easy for me, but my blogging friends have suggested I start shamelessly promoting myself. I am thinking, how's about a compromise? There's no shame in being right after all..