Evil Empire: Russian open hand to terror

Return of the Cold War:
Russian hegemony switches from historical support of Israel's enemies, to their proxy terrorist organizations.

Over a Million Russian Israelis: Lives threatened by their former empire's endless thirst for power, quest for deniability.

Russia is in high defense mode now that it is being revealed that most of Israel's fighting casualties came from Russian anti tank weaponry. Weapons not even nec. being used against tanks, these advanced missiles were used as rocket launchers targeting soldiers, vehicles, Lebanese buildings with Israeli troops inside etc.

It is no mystery where these weapons came from including the most advanced russian anti-tank missile the RPG-29 which can penetrate both Israeli & American Armor and caused heavy tolls on Israel. Equally as disturbing, this is the top killer of American forces in Iraq, rivaled only in terms of sheer numbers by the IEDs or roadside bombs (shaped charges and advanced explosives which evidence shows are coming from Iran..)

The picture painted is damning, Russia in cahoots with Iran & Syria is actively contributing to the mass death of coalition forces in the war on terror. Russia supplies Iran with their nuclear technologies, stands in the way of international consensus in dealing with Iran and is CLEARLY on some sicko cold war effort to assert its dominance in the Midde East. Of course the Russians deny it all, talking of how verifiable their weapons exports are..

MOSCOW, August 10 (RIA Novosti) – Russia has been supplying no modern anti-tank weapons to Lebanon-based radical group Hizbollah, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday, denying Israeli media reports.

Israel's Haaretz daily quoted intelligence sources Sunday as saying that Israel's ground troops casualties mostly resulted from special anti-tank units of Hizbollah using modern Russian-made RPG-29 that had been sold by Moscow to the Syrians and then transferred to the organization.

"Such insinuations are a source of bewilderment in Moscow, to say the least," Mikhail Kamynin said. "If there are any questions raised, they can be addressed through normal diplomatic channels. So far we have had no such inquiries, and no proof has been presented."

Kamynin said Russia honored its international obligations. "We have repeatedly said that Russia keeps to its international obligations in military and technical cooperation, including with the Middle East countries," he said. The spokesman added that Russia's control over weapons exports was very reliable.

"Our control system over weapons exports is one of the most reliable and makes any inaccuracy in weapons destination impossible," Kamynin said. "We also take into consideration the military and political tension in the Middle East that requires a weighed and verified approach to such issues."

If I were the Russians I'd start worrying about making these sort of flat out denial statements, as no one is either fooled or impressed. An Israeli foreign mission delegation has been dispatched to Russia for talks on this VERY issue, perhaps they will present the fast talking, fast selling Russians with some of the 'proof' they need. Fragments of recovered Hezbollah launched anti tank weapons and shrapnel pieces of these rockets have been sent to Russia, they bear clearly marked Cyrillic (the Russian alphabet) letters & markings.

THE RPG-29 Vampir (Courtesy of Russia official state exports company)
RPG-29 Vampir


The RPG-29 portable AT rocket launcher with the PG-29V rocket is designed to destroy armoured vehicles, weapon systems and personnel in various shelters.


RPG-27 features superb characteristics, it is easy-to-handle and reliable in operation.

The rocket launcher fires the PG-29V rocket with a tandem shaped-charge warhead. The launcher is breech-loaded. The booster burns only while inside the launcher, then the rocket flies along a ballistic trajectory, providing a close pattern of fire. It is stabilised by eight fins. There is a tracer provided to adjust fire. The tandem warhead allows killing hard targets including stateof- the-art tanks fitted with ERA.

In any case, the fact remains that Iran & Syria are buying from Russia and handing these things out to terrorists like candy and the Russians are plenty aware of this. With the Russians supposedly 'engaged' with the War on Terror due to their Chechnyan terrorist problem it might be time for Putin to put up or shut up on the international stage.

No one very much likes a guy who acts like a dirty little commie, and no one especially likes a commie who hands out weapons to terrorists while similar terrorists murder citizens, Russians included. Either Russia wants to be part of the Western World or it doesn't. Stop making a few bucks on the back of Israeli, American, and UK soldiers deaths please.. Lest Russia learn a whole new set of western economic realities that will far outweigh the pocket change they make on these weapon sales now.

Resupplying & arming these terrorists just might be the biggest foreign policy mistake the new Russia makes.. Instead of chiding Israel or America maybe these fast talking ruskies ought to have a word with their despotic clients, the Iranians & Syrians.

Evil Empire: Russians selling advanced air defense weapons to Iran

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  • Gus

    Excellent post!  Russia is a sick, degenerate nation and pretty much always has been.  What they really deserve is for America and Israel to supply Chechen rebels with modern weaponry.  Two can play at this game.  When underpayed and physically-abused-by-their-superiors Russian conscripts start coming home in body bags, they will get a taste of their treachery. Actually, Russia's bleek fate will be to eventually be overrun by hostile Muslims from their South and Chinese from their East.  At the present clip, Iran's population will outstrip Russia's within 25 years.  If they ever have nuclear weapons, Iran will become as much a long term menace to Moscow as to any other European nation.  When a population essentially elects to stop reproducing at replacement rate, it is a pretty stinging indictment of that society.  Russia's in a demographic death spiral and–frankly–it is no great loss.

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  • This is the principal company that manufactures the RPG-29 http://www.bazalt.ru/bl-boy-eng.htm

  • And just think: They can veto any proposal that the United States and her allies put forth in the United Nations.

  • Papa Ray

    Russia and the Soviet Union has always sold more weapons than anyone, it is no secret. They should just tell the truth. They sold them to Syria and it's not Russia's problem what Syria does with them. Telling the truth on this would not hurt Russia or their weapons sales. Papa Ray

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  • goesh

    The principle advantage is not the sophistication of the weapons employed against you but their committment and willingness to use their civilians as shields and cover. Any time an opponent hesitates on pulling the trigger, he gives the enemy the advantage. I really wonder how many hours were spent in this 34 day conflict by IDF verifying targets and confirming that enemy were present in buildings designated to be hit? The same applies to the US in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tactics lose wars, not the weapons, especially when 'our side' has some of the best weapons available. They will continue to win as long as the West does not regard islamofacism with the same degree of intrepidation they did the nazis and Japanese. The real test is yet to come with Iran.

  • A poignant comment Goesh, in light of what I put up just after this post above! I also wondered about how much time / effort & resources goes into just that, contrasted by those who claim the West is targeting civilians..

    Thanks all for these excellent comments & links – saus

  • Suresh

    Interesting… Russian armaments in Arab terrorists' hands is bad. American armaments in Israelis terrorists' hand is …. good…?

  • Israel is a democratic nation recognized by the UN charter

    Hezbollah is a recognized Terrorist organization, if you cannot tell the difference between these two things that is very unfortunate.. For you.

    The State of Israel is lawfully allowed weapons just like every other recognized nation, be they American or Russian for that matter.

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  • Commie Rev

    RPG-29, very nice piece of equipment. A bit heavy, but it'll take out any tank Westerners can dish out. Even with the fall of the USSR, Russia continues to turn out superb military hardware, I congratulate them on their continue progress!

  • الموت لأسرائيل حربا حربا حتى النصر زحفا زحفا نحو القدس

    يا الله يا الله احفظ لنا نصر الله

  • The Arabic above translated in English:

    "Death to Israel war war until victory march march towards Jerusalem

    Oh God, God save us Nasrallah"