Magic Mofaz: You cannot take the fight out of this man

Never Surrender?Former IDF Chief of Staff, formerly Israel's Defense Minister until short few months ago, and the only man with any cohones in the cabinet casts the lone single abstention in key vote (Ynet), refuses to vote in favour of the cease fire..

Vociferously opposed delays in military operations in Lebanon..

  • Oversaw the targeted elimination of Hamas leaders
  • Successfully oversaw West Bank invasion during recent Operation Defensive Shield with ally Ariel Sharon.. Delivering a key anti-terror victory crushing 2nd intifada

Is Mofaz perfectly positioned for major leap forward in the political chaos that will surely ensue in Israel?

Run a keyword search here at the hashmonean to read a number of posts about this military powerhouse in Israel.

  • Gus

    You answered my question in an earlier post.  He would be perfect.  What are his politics?  (Sorry, I should probably know that.)

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  • Carol Herman

    NOt bright.  This just in from a link through InstaPundit.  (So it will be seen.)  The "game" was to watch Israel's parliament vote to fold.  Nope.  Poker game's still going on.  The yo-yo at the end of the string is still Nasrallah.  You can also link to the NY Post, at DRUDGE.  Where the NY POST has been running a series from RALPH PETERS, also up at the Israeli Northern Border.  (No, I'm not shocked that Michael J. Totten thinks Olmert's incompetent.  But he manages to get killed in the news cycles that bring much more up-to-date information.  While he browned his underpants standing next to Michael Oren.  Yes, Oren's got a new book coming out.)  Everything's worth reading.  Sometimes ya just gotta shake on some salt.  Below is what I copied and pasted from Pajama's Media.  But as I said I got to this through InstaPundit.)  The Net blasting out good information at top full speed. * Michel Sleiman (General of Lebanese Army) stated that the Lebanese Army will not deploy one soldier until Hezbollah agrees to the whole political and deployment schedule. * Sanioura (Prime Minister of Lebanon) called Berri (Hezbollah representative) who assured him that the position regarding unity has not changed. This prompted the “Unanimity with Reservations” scenario. The cabinet then gave themselves 24 hours. They were hoping that the Israeli Cabinet would oppose UN Resolution 1701. Then they would blame it on the Israelis. But when the Israeli Cabinet agreed they decided to postpone today’s emergency cabinet meeting to avoid further internal clashes.

  • Mofaz has a few advantages, he’s Iranian and garners support from Israel’s large middle eastern public. His politics are formerly Likud party, or Benjamin Netanyahu’s party which is right of center. He was courted personally by Ariel Sharon and asked to join Sharon’s new center party Kadima, he was sharon’s military confidant.

    He’s definitely leadership potential. I’d like to reiterate that depsite the fact the sharks are circling across the board in Israeli politics right now, it is not the time yet and Israel is still under an imminent threat!

    Equally, Olmert is not to bear responsibility solely for any disapointments which is what I’m seeing shaping up online, this is a coalition government and both Kadima & Labor senior officials (Cabinet) shaped policies in this conflict and all share the load of success or failures.

  • I pray that Israel finds a good person to lead them in the coming years – one who is not afraid to act !

  • You are wrong about Mofaz – he is as slimy as the other Kadima politicians. He was the one that pushed Boogie Ya'alon out – because of the ongoing competition with him that has lasted for years. He was a "staunch" Likud member – and wrote a letter to those voting in the primaries that he would stay in the Likud even if he wasn't voted party leader – and before the letters reached the mailboxes he ran over to Kadima – because he realized his chances were slim to win. His abstention was a political ploy – because he now realizes that the Kadima party is on the way out. I don't trust him at all – and most Israelis don't either.

  • HI WBM,

    We disagree which is healthy in politics, there's not a single politician in Israel that doesn't play those games unfortunately. I remember the feud with boogie and at the the time I supported Mofaz, though I respect them both.

    Mofaz was intent on staying in the Likud, for three weeks he was being chased by Sharon, so I'm not sure how to answer the notion of slimey. He was almost the last man to leave. Silvan is also slimy – I love him : )

    Netanyahu sleeps in a vat of slime at night I imagine, he's a hero to me. We must be realitsic also I think. The angels tend to be naive and fools, that is often the way it is in my opinion in politics.. Shalom and Bibi are every morning putting knives in each other's backs, the religious party leaders are particularly bad apples from Shas all the way down. Israel has a political slime problem imho!

    Cheers & thanks always for your view!