Lessons for the Jihad – The Victory belongs to Israel

Will the Hezbollah and Hamas learn their lesson, or continue believing their own hype? 

Take a long look at this gem today from a Hezbollah terrorist captured in yesterday's action, now recovering in an Israeli hospital. The realities of the situation for Hezbollah should become clearer..

YNET – Injured Hizbullah operative: Didn't hear of ceasefire

Moderately injured operative hospitalized in Israel, says Hizbullah fighters in the field were not informed of ceasefire. Deputy hospital director: 'Any patient that enters our hospital receives best treatment possible' [...]

Originally, the operative seemed to be under the impression that he was in a Lebanese hospital or UN outpost on Lebanese soil, however, due to the Hebrew conversations around him, he eventually understood that he had been taken prisoner. To the journalists straining to interview him, he released only one sentence: "Tell my family I am alive, injured, and receiving medical treatment."

A number of hours later, a few hospital workers managed to get a little information from the operative. "My name is Abdullah Nasser and I only ask that my family be told that I'm alive and wounded," he said. "Believe me, I'm sorry about this war and everything it's caused. Now I only hope for peace and that I'll be able to return home. We didn't hear of a ceasefire, our fighters in the field were told nothing of such a thing." [...]

Let's analyze the big achievements of Nasrallah

The bold statements of Nasrallah are exposed for the pure unadulterated lies they are, Hezbollah has been pounded to pulp while Nasrallah hides in a bunker and releases videos. Much like another brave hero Bin Laden, who's organization has also been literally eviscerated the past 5 years by the Americans. If you ask the Arabs and Muslim supporters though, they will tell you of the great power and brave victories, um huh.. Sure, whatever you say.

Shell Shock

These Hezbollah fighters are shell shocked, never in their lives have they seen or imagined the forces of the IDF who yesterday opened up on them so hard they are in lala land. In '82 it was the PLO that was routed, booted all the way to Tunis on another continent in a matter of days they got routed so badly. These Hezbollah guys, this is their first real taste of us Zionists and the taste is bitter indeed. Sorry over the war, living in a bunker and getting their asses kicked clear across Lebanon thanks to their idiotic leader and his moronic ideologies. Firing rockets at our Women and Children, let me be the first to tell them as they emerge from their shock - we will kill you if need be and now you know. The combined Arab Armies took a few consecutive devastating hits to learn this, for Hezbollah's sake I hope their first go was enough.

It's not only Hezbollah that has been handed their tails, the Lebanese government weeps openly, Lebanon is a pot marked shell of what it was. It takes a real fool to go up against the regional super power and think he is going to come out on top in the end. Unfortunate that Lebanon was to weak to act and prevent this, lesson learned I hope. The big statements by Hezbollah are nothing more than propaganda and only an uneducated weenie would take them at face value.

Command & Control

The fighters putting it on the line for Nasrallah are an unhappy bunch and with good reason. Now, they are a demoralized unhappy bunch - Cut off from the fantasy world of Nasrallah's bunker and Al Jazeera's dreams. They aren't even getting the headline news, never mind their orders. It should be said they have fought hard and they are a loyal crew, but they never stood a shot in hell. If they open fire on the IDF after the deadline, they will take another fist to the face, this time with the IDF all around them.

You got your cease fire Kofi, Hezbollah got their overplayed hand, it's our turn now. Let me assure you, whether Nasrallah admits it or not.. They've been hit harder than they ever imagined was even possible in their wildest dreams, and there's a jarring left hook still coming if the Hezbollah open fire on the IDF after 8 AM tomorrow.
IDF - Israeli Defense Forces

This isn't 1936 any more

You screw with the joooz now and you're going to regret it - if not find yourself six feet under. You want to criticize us? That's fine, you want to marginalize us in the media and the BBC? That's fine, you want to pretend you have us just where you want us?

Keep dreaming, that's more than fine you go right ahead..

Just remember at the end of the day exactly who the super power in the Middle East really is, and open up your history book because we don't lose wars, we win them – even when our leaders give our boys 24 hours like the fools they are. For anybody else who wants to line up? I say come and get it. The combined Arab armies learned these lessons the hard way, let's hope the Terrorists are quicker on the uptake.

Talk is cheap 

Please don't be fooled by anti Israel media, and the big talk of Jihadists. Talk in the Middle East as I've posted here before is cheap, the blood of the Jews after attempted genocide however is not. For all the Jihadists out there and the terrorists, and the Hamas, and the Islamo facists, know this - Your buddies in Hezbollah got a lesson in Zionism 101 this month, keep sending rockets at our Women & Children and we will kill you, figuratively and literally.

The Hezbollah has their chance now to save some face and disarm, if they don't and they keep shooting they will have sealed their fate. Even Olmert & Peretz with all their bumbling can't change these facts..

Israel wants its soldiers back

I would advise Lebanon to get cracking on this and immediately, lest they be signed up for Zionism 201. The Political will may have been lacking in Israel, but the IDF given the chance as evidenced the last few hours certainly never has.


  • Papa Ray

    Goooood Morninnng Middddle Easssst.  In the news today, no letup from the fighting, but everyone looking forward to a day of killing and suffering. The Hez have been told to ignore all efforts of the jooos to convince them to come out of their bunkers and have breakfast and a free rub down with extra cookies and milk. The poor Israel boys, who have been forced to fight the friken freedom fighters from the finest force ever fielded by Islam, want to make nice get a free pass back to their small country surrounded by enemies but still a nice vacation destination. Call now, reduced rates and bonus money toward the purchase of lightweight but effective body armor. Now a break for our scheduled rocket attack and bombing run.  Papa Ray West Texas USA

  • Papa Ray

    Sorry for previous post, but the stupidity of the present postion of the world about this piss poor situation has interfered with my thinking. It's all of a sudden been flash back time. But of course, it's also V8 and Vodka time. Later. Papa Ray

  • Gus

    I wish I thought that this message–which is totally accurate–would play in the Middle East and around the world.  However, in the twisted Islamic-Arab mindset, nothing is ever as it would seem to the rational.  I fear that this ending will only embolden Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, Syria (and potentially others) to follow a similar path in confronting Israel going forward. Ultimately, if your enemies just wanted the return of Shebaa Farms and the Golan, then this whole confrontation might be solvable.  However, they want it all and the Jews gone.  You cannot placate such folks. Israel must find new leadership (preferably of the mold of Ariel Sharon), rearm, regroup and prepare for the next confrontation.  I only hope that America's leadership is better next time around too.

  • No doubt the Arabs & Muslims won't admit muchy of the reality of this, though Siniora was clear yesterday that Lebanon has been destroyed. Some 500 hezbollah fighters are dead, another 600 odd lebanese civilians killed. Or the real causus belly of the war – the supposed weak Israeli public never wavered even once despite being rocketed (the rockets were expected) and is willing to hold out even longer according to public statements made today (Northern Mayors).

    There's nothing but disaster in this for Lebanon and Hezbollah, but no matter even when the Israelis conquered half the mid east in 67 the Arabs in Egypt & Syria were claiming massive victories.. Deep down they know the truth they just like to lie to themselves. I guess it makes them feel better. They're going to need to feel better.

    There will be more fighting on top of it all, that's how braindead these people are.

  • Re-reading the comments by Gus & Papa who are great commenters here lately I'm seeing that something wasn't clear in my initial post…

    When I said in the post 'it is our turn now' it might not be clear to my US friends that Israel will mop up south Lebanon now in 'defensive operations' according to the resolution specifications and the fighting is not stopping any time soon imho. I hope that is clear!

  • Gus

    I now see that Hezbollah will not disarm and thus the agreement is null and void–or so I would hope!  Israel needs to put the pedal to the metal and settle this decisively on the battlefield while they have the time.  If Olmert has one testicle in his shorts (and I doubt that he does) now is the time to show it.

  • There are big gains on the ground since yesterday Gus, the pedal as you said is to the metal.

  • Gus

    Saus, Assuming that the conflict extends beyond Monday and that Israel clears Lebanon to the Litani and lays seige to Tyre, what then?  How long do you give the Olmert government?  Which party/politician looks to move into leadership?  I know you cannot invision political change in the midst of war, but the Kadima coalition is a disaster that must be dealt with quickly.

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  • Reading around there seems to be a notion Hezbollah won. That is real nonsense.

    All Hezbollah accomplished was launching their katushas, mobile rockets. They lost 1/3 of their core highly trained fighting force if not more, they lost their entire HQ in South Beirut, destroyed, they lost their long range rockets, they threatened to attack tel aviv, never happened, they boasted & boasted but none of it happened. Israel went into Lebanon, not the other way around. Hezbollah was not disarmed true, but that does not mean victory by any means, all it means is that these ouble standards continue to run amock.

    Those media pundits that claimed that hezbollah must only survive to declare victory don’t know their ass from their heads, there was never any chance of destroying hezbollah entirely, hezbollah is made up of a million shias in Lebanon, one would need to commit genocide to destroy hezbollah, we must please get real.. Hezbollah was far from victors here.

    Keep in mind Hezbollah did not intend to go to war, was calling for cease fire 3 days in..

    Ask any Lebanese away from the cameras if hezbollah won, he will break out into tears crying, as the lebanese have been doing all along weeping in despair. This is victory!?

    Wolf & Goesh I agree on many of these points, this will take time and we will have to see what develops over the next months!

  • gary

    Bravo from a US christian that believes in Holy living!  Our prayers are that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will supply your need and as always lead your people and nation through the conflict to a true peace.  King Saul I'm told that King Saul was told by God to kill all of the Amalekites.  Did he do God's will? No Follow God's will for he Knows what is best for his chosen people.  God Bless and be close to all of you.

  • freedom

    israel means: 1. war 2.terror 3.killing 3. rebuting all international conventions so should delete from world map and all jew should back their country.