CBS Ahmadinejad Interview: Scary

I don't know what was more frightening..

Looking into the eyes of the man that seeks to eradicate the People of Israel, subjugate America while claiming to play the role of the World's great 'humanist'.. Or Mike Wallace's kid glove infatuation treatment, while literally interviewing the representative of the greatest threat to the Western World and laughing like a schoolgirl.

Questions regarding wiping Israel from the map, totally avoided by Assmad who claimed to not hate Israelis, only their 'oppression', pure propaganda.

Questions regarding Nuclear development? One the World's largest reserves of oil & natural gas with enough to last Iran at current estimates for 200 years answered by the one line: 'We need fuel'.

Questions regarding America culminating in a direct threat, stating basically that not succumbing to the Islamic Caliphate would lead to a 'bad end' for Bush & America.

And the cherry on top, reporting on 50,000+ suicide bombers sanctioned officially by Iran? ' I don't like to answer such questions', not even a denial but a big smile.

The Jihad isn't coming, it has already arrived

For Israel, now at such a crucial time with Hamas, Hezbollah and their sponsor Iran gunning to destroy the Jewish State how have our leaders responded? With weakness.

I'll put links in to blogs covering this issue in afterwards, my focus is on Israel and the imminent UN sham of a cease fire taking place in 4 hours.

I have extensive posts on Iran, their martyrs, their nuclear programs, their threats, weapons,  the EU intransigence and weakness and much more.

Key Word search Iran here at the Hashmonean

Update: Hotair has some video and seems to share my enthusiasm, links to CBS chunks of the 'interview' too
Bookworm sounds off (HT SD)

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  • Did you read about Chris Wallace's comments on the competency hearings? I blogged about it too.

  • Papa Ray adds some links:

    A bit of news for you: The U.S. are no more than barking dogs.

    Lebanon falters over truce detail

    Many that I talk to don't know if any troops will be sent any time soon. So this gives Israel a bit more time to kill more Hezbolla. Even if the troops do get in place, they will just get themselves killed in the fighting between the IDF and the Hez. Looks like an all around screwed up deal. Papa Ray West Texas USA

  • That’s the craziest thing I’ve read this week SD, and this has been a crazy week. Goodness gracious, what is going on in the media..


    Thx┬áPapa, I’ll be incorporating that info in my tactical update post coming after the cease fire dealine, cheers.

  • re: the elder Wallace's position/comments on Iran and its nutjob leader…unfortunately, they seem to be frighteningly similar to the position of the US State Dept. and Condi Rice on the subject of how to deal with the madman and his country. One silver lining (and the only one that I know of) from having Rice as our SecState – now I know better than to ever even consider voting for her if she decides to run for President. I wouldn't vote for her if she were running for dog catcher.

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  • Andy

    As a neutral observer it is laughable to read such commentary. There was a time when I would have taken the western viewpoint on almost anything. Being British with non Muslim African descent, i should expect to view things differently but to be honest, his countries internal workings aside, the man has some points. People are running out of sand to stick their heads in and need to wake up and see that there is an underlying problem here. Iran may well pose a threat to  the free world but at the same time, Israel and friends of the US openly having WMD's does not sit well either. The whole concept of policing the world should be that one is seen to be fair no matter what side you are on. America has sadly lost that status which will become more apparent as time rolls on. The issue of Israel is seen as the norm but to be honest it is the same as American Indians kicking out the settlers who have come to make up modern America and the world  (including modern America) standing by and saying fact arming and backing them. Come on! I know a lot of Jewish people and Palestinians too and believe you me the latter is winning the argument. Before reading up on the conflict it seemed very unfair and the more in touch with what is going on I get, the less fair it seems. I am a scientist and Caucasian people in the middle of Arabs (settled in the last 60 odd years) makes no sense no matter what freak of nature you try and make up. The state of Israel exists and that is fact but with the policies its backers are taking, people who want it irradicated will recruit more and more people willing to die for that end. I in no way condone comments saying that Israel should no longer exist, however the current  system of letting Zionists (not everyday Israelis) get their way and step on whoever to achieve those ends is a recipe for disaster. We all watch TV and if you have no affiliation, Israel losses the battle of hearts hands down. I look at Europe now and the strength of governmental support for Israel has fallen due to regime changes (the hawks, Iraq and Zionist support are closely affiliated) so as people see images of death in Iraq and Palestine (both sides) and vote against those who went to war, the association makes the Israeli stand point less appealing. Speaking to Arabs  in university (next leaders of their nations), it is obvious where their grievance lie: Iraq and Palestine. I can not even discuss Iraq only to say that Iraq (under Saddam) was quite powerful and a mortal enemy of Iran. They cancelled each other out. American policy has strengthened Iran and now they want to chop down the tree that they watered and helped grow!! Please do not insult your own intelligence saying that anything about the Iraq war was legal. The reasons conveniently forgotten for the war are ALL non existent. I remember when regime change came in and it damn well wasn't at time when rubbish was being spurted out to the UN security council. Somebody please show me anywhere in international law where what happened is legal. Granted a brutal dictator has been removed but those exist all over the world (granted not all have huge reserves of natural resources), but governments who slap sanctions on others for breaking international law should not break the law and worse still not be answerable to anybody especially considering the "Collateral damage". Who in their right mind would subscribe to that kind of 2 tier approach… seriously as a leader of a nation on the wrong side of it would you? When it comes to Israel, sound bites are not policy and definitely will not end the inevitable conflict that will come about if things are not sorted out properly and justly. Radicalisation of young muslims is not a normal phenomenon (contrary to the picture the press paints) unless they are given a condoned injustice to focus on and sadly Israel/Palestine  and more recently Iraq are just that. Israel does not just exist, it is growing. In lands which until 60 years ago they had no claim to apart from holy book writings. That to me is incredulous and definitely is no evidence the rest of the world should base its support for. Where I do agree with Ahmadinejad  is the injustice Palestinians suffer. While what happened to the Jews is  a terrible thing, it does not give them a free pass forever. Germans, live with their country intact as do the west who have their share of skeletons in the closet so why should the Palestinians suffer continuing occupation (with no end in sight) for deeds done in Europe. A lot of people have been driven off land and resettled. If the Israeli issue should be the norm what of Aborigines, American Indians e.t.c? And do not forget they have undisputed scientific/Historical evidence.
    My view point is one I hold at this moment in time and if somebody was able to give a valid explanation without using the phrases "Antisemitic" or "Holocaust", it could change. Not everybody who doesn't blindly support Israeli foreign or in fact internal policy is a Holocaust denier or Antisemitic.