UN Capitulation to Terrorists

Almost every Lebanese / Hezbollah demand met – Israel's demands ignored.

Information is still developing on the resolution, but keep in mind this is the 2nd version. The first version was rejected by Lebanon, accepted by Israel. This newer resolution flat out rejected by Israel has now been delayed to at least 7 PM eastern at the UN. The effort to make the UN relevant again has totally failed, derailed by the despot nations that largely make it up..

Fox News reports on Condi's diplomatic failures - US objectives not achieved, failure to achieve Israeli objectives, failure to defend the free world from the dangerous double standard which allows terrorists to operate with impunity, failure to secure Lebanon's future free of Hezbollah terrorists.

[...] Rice telephoned Olmert to plead with him to stop an expanded ground offensive he ordered moments before as France and the United States announced they reached an agreement on a cease-fire resolution that would be presented to the Security Council at 3 p.m. EST.

[...] In her call to Olmert, Rice asked if there was any room left for diplomacy and he indicated he'd be willing to call off the offensive if Israel's basic demands are met, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the private conversation

Lebanon's moves to deny the ability of any international, or useless UNIFIL force to truly engage Hezbollah, disarm them – Approved.

Lebanon's objections to a real international force, the position of the G8, the US and the World just short weeks ago? – Approved. Instead we get UNIFIL.

Lebanon's insistence on the Sheba Farms, an entirely unrelated issue that is really a gift-horse for Hezbollah? – Approved.

Lebanon's refusal to immediately release Israel's abducted soldiers, instead a focus on negotiations with Hezbollah terrorists? – Approved.

Kofi, the weakest link at the UN insisted at the outset that UNIFIL would need a whole new mandate, did it arrive? No, but the weak diplomats are satisfied to pretend it appears.

The USA leading the war on Terror, capitulates almost entirely to the French & Arab World, Israel after weeks of weakness finally moving in larger numbers on the ground. God speed to the forces of the IDF but the damage has clearly been done to Israel's diplomatic position.. The UN it appears never took Israel's positions seriously at all, it is no wonder why, history repeats itself..

The crying Lebanese puppet government – responsible for the conflict through a failure to meet UN resolution 1559 or reign in terrorists in any way, have their feet kissed by the World's great powers – and most shockingly of all, the United States of America.

  • I don't know who to be more disgusted with…my own jellyfish, spineless hypocritical gov't – esp. Condi "Scowcroft" Rice and George "appeasement is okay if only Jews die" Bush – or the bunch of naive nitwits who have been running this war in Israel. The US military has a term for this whole episode that fits it perfectly…it begins with "cluster" and ends with "uck". Maybe the good men and women of the IDF can yet manage to snatch victory from jaws of the useless, wobbly leadership of both countries…godspeed to them.

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