Blackout Notice: IDF on the Move

I will be actively posting during Israeli ground forces moves into Lebanon, but will not be commenting on military operations directly and following a self imposed blackout for safety / security reasons.

Maps, reports on the tactical activities will be forthcoming as soon as positions are secured, the moves already carried out. Thank you for understanding – Please pray for the safety of thousands of brave Israeli soldiers on the front line of the Jihad.


UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports that IDF moves have halted, Olmert has ceeded to the UN cease fire resolution!? Is it even possible that once again the leash has been pulled back on the IDF? Pls See the posts just below on the hashmonean mainpage, or this one Coalition of the Unwilling for details. This resolution seems like a diplomatic disaster, my brain is having difficulty processing these details frankly.

I await official comment from the government of the State of Israel

UPDATE II: Shortest all out offensive in the history of the world! Sure to be rivaled only by the remaining length of Olmert's piss water government, and let us clarify – I AM A KADIMA supporter.