Massive Jihadist Air / Terror Attack Averted

Breaking: UK ARRESTS – Horror in the air averted? 

  • Multiple passenger planes targeted in massive Terror attack.
  • Liquid explosives being reported as the means, Heathrow Airport, all onboard carry on luggage no longer allowed.
  • Electronics, computers Ipods etc banned
  • Liquids, hair gel etc banned from carry on
  • UK Threat level is raised to 'Critical – Imminent terror attack' in case the threat has not been eliminated.
  • US Aviation to the UK, threat level raised to highest level
  • Mass flight cancellations – Brussels, Lufthansa etc etc
  • Tel-Aviv flights to UK Heathrow on hold, cancelled.

Quick Update:

- The operatrion is 'ongoing & complex' – There are additional terrorists and possible additional air attacks to be dealt with. As such heavy security, delays and threat levels remain. The UK is still after what is reported as '10 or more' additional terrorists believed involved.

- Over 24 arrested so far, unreal.. They are trying to kill us all.

- Over 10 aircraft reported as possibly involved

- Pakistani intelligence services reportedly crucial ally in the prevention of the mass murder, which makes me wonder aloud about the so called 'homegrown' nature of these attacks.

Breaking News: Fox News, CNN

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  • goesh

    - and yet the West continues to refuse to acknowledge the threat of islamic fundamentalism, and wants to make elements of it distinct and separate and not connected. Sadly, it will take more than a few downed airlines to wake the West up. If I were a senior terrorist commander, I would be very satisified with this operation because it clearly demonstrates the West's complete inability to deal with this type of attack militarily. Secondly, it demonstrates to my men and supporters that the cause is still vibrant and very real, and thirdly, it has caused economic injury to the West. Fourthly, it is a foregone conclusion and given fact that the West will never know with certainty if this operation was soley a home-grown plan, or how much outside influence was involved or where it came from. Remember, in the West, criminals and terrorists cannot be made to talk. Fifthtly, I know with confidence that elements of the West will want to use this operation as further justification for placating and negotiating with me and my kind. In the game baseball, 3 strikes and you're out,  but with this operation, there have been 5 strikes and the West it out,  despite the headlines proclaiming the  power  and victory of  the Jurisprudence approach to this most dire threat. Yes, if I were a senior terrorist commander, I would be well pleased with this operation despite not being able to kill any of my enemies.

  • You can't win if you do not fight that is for sure, I'm just waiting for the UK public to tell us all again how important it is to capitulate in Gaza, or Lebanon or anywhere else because that is the reason that people want to blow up 10 airplanes, and it has nothing to do with with a perverted religion & political Ideology, that radical Islamists desire to eradicate the west is the REAL fantasy..