Israel considering BBC censure

The outrage is mounting at the frankly obscene reporting pouring out of the BBC. There are no more excuses - smirking BBC Editors, rambling deluded terrorist supporting anchors, they are about to be for the 2nd time in under 3 years now - written off by the State of Israel. (JPOST)

The Foreign Ministry is under pressure from Israeli citizens to resume its boycott of the BBC and to withdraw credentials from its reporters due to "one-sided" reports on the war in Lebanon, Israeli diplomatic officials said Wednesday.

For seven months during a wave of Palestinian violence in 2003, Israeli officials boycotted BBC news programs, declining interviews and excluding BBC reporters from briefings. The boycott was ended after the BBC appointed a panel to oversee its Middle East coverage and to ensure it would be unbiased. [...]

Senior diplomatic officials in Jerusalem went as far as saying that "the reports we see give the impression that the BBC is working on behalf of Hizbullah instead of doing fair journalism."

No more talk on every issue, JUST DO IT. There's no doubt, there's no question that the BBC is anti Israel in the extreme. Kick them out of the country on their ass, the reporting is already beyond abysmal so what will be, more abysmal!?

They are posessed with some sick moral equivalence, they believe it so deeply in fact they cannot see it. It's called institutional bias - they are a propaganda network of pure shod and everyone is talking about it plainly & openly yet they remain in total denial, so just cut them loose Israel.

Here at the hashmonean:
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Open request, please forward links to blog / BBC posts regarding anti Americanism, anti UK, and anti Israel topics, I'd very much like to read them. saus at, or trackback if you like and I will update & insert your links.

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  • goesh

    just do it

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  • I agree.  Revoke the BBC's credentials and kick them out of the country.  I watch the BBC's "World News," a half-hour program that's apparently tailored to US tastes, on a daily basis and am <b>appalled</b> at the blatant bias. I've pointed out this bias on several occasions in my blog…just today, as a matter of fact, and in a post on 7/26/2006 titled "Blatant Bias Corporation (BBC) News" Just search for "BBC" if you want other examples…there are many.  

  • Unfortunately, kicking the BBC out of Israel will have little effect on the rest of the world. They will continue broadcasting their biased journalism throughout the rest of the world, probably galvanised by the fact they have annoyed Israelis to such an extent that they were willing to censor them. Hopefully, the BBC won't be with us all that much longer. Conservatives and conservatives in Britain are working towards the break up and privatisation of the corporation. After that, they will hopefully pollute the airwaves far less.

  • Hi Bill, I look forward to scoping your blog for links, thanks for the heads up!

    Chris, for sure there's no way to stop the torrent of bias, but at least there will be some satisfaction for Israel / public. It is also very embarrassing for the BBC this kind of thing, not the reporters but the governors etc. I will be doing a more in depth post on the recent BBC middle east study / report with its absurd findings, and the Hutton report with links when I get a chance..

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