Propaganda War Produces 1st Real Casualties: International Media

Oh BOY..

The bias, the need to 'create' the big story, the reliance often on Arab photographers & handlers in Lebanon and places like Gaza who are shills for the enemy is now costing media big time. Like a badly built Lebanese High-rise, it appears when you pull out the first support, the whole thing starts tumbling down..

Michelle Malkin highlights bloggers uncovering frauds now at a torrential pace..

From the NY Times, to US News, to Time Magazine – the rush to feed us the 'Lebanese Narrative' is uncovering an anti Israel bias that has to be 'seen' to be believed.

Between the Lebanese PM weeping, the roller coaster of casualty figures going up & down, up & down, to the endless imagery fraud now boiling over – it has become clear that there is a propaganda war against Israel going on and it is fierce, fanning the flames of sympathy for the DEVIL, Hezbollah.

I'm sending you please to Michelle's site for round up, where the media has now been caught with their pants way way down, and it is clear they are not wearing any underwear. Franky, I don't like the view.

More reason to 'Just Say Non'

It's clear the World save a few upstanding allied governments (US, UK, Canada, Germany etc) is lining up against Israel.

With Fwance surrendering to the Arab League today and backstabbing its 'partner' America in the UN, I beseech the Government of Israel. Flatly reject the UN terms developing and give those dirty little french the finger. The Jewish people, we are supposed to be a guiding light.. Let's let the World know loud and clear that we are Sorry, but we don't deal with whores, and we don't believe in surrender.

I've prepared a graphic to 'illustrate' this concept in case the Fwench can't read.

Just Say 'Non'

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  • goesh

    Reuters has been essentially Jew-baiting for a long, long time and it is good to finally see some justice come their way. I hope we are all remembering to be writing strong letters and emails of condemnation to them. It certainly would be fair to accuse them of aiding hizbuallah, which the US State Department clearly lists as a terrorist organization. They willfully fueled the fires of hatred. More smoke = more hatred, and they need to be strongly reminded of this.

  • goesh

    "This war has involved fatalities, which hurts and is traumatic. This we know, but at the moment we have to cope with it, both on the battlefield and the home front. I will give you every strength and support, we are not stopping [the fight]." The ultimate sacrifice made by soldiers can never be used for propoganda but the bitter loss of life reminds us of worse things to come if the soldiers fail and the enemy prevails. The spread of islamofacism is as serious as the spread of nazism and Japanese Imperialism was. The necessity of sacrifice is as strong today as it was back then.   US War in the Pacific, WW2: Battle of Okinawa: 12,183 US forces killed, 4/1 – 6/22/1944 (82 days) Battle of Tarawa: 1085 Marines killed, 11/20-11/28/1943 (8 days)  Battle of Saipan:3152 Marines killed, 7285 wounded, 6/15-7/9/1944 (24 days) Battle of Iwo Jima: 5931 Marines killed, 17,372 wounded, 2/19-3/26/1945 (35 days) The list goes on and on, but know, people of Israel, that we Americans that made such sacrifices back then are with you now and we realize the grave threat you face and the sacrifices you must make, and have made to endure. We will stand by your side through this war, and you will win. We have sacrificed2500+ in Iraq to bring the monster saddam hussein down so press on IDF, push hard,fast and furious, unleash your might and crush the wicked ones  that openly celeberate the deaths of your women and children and burn your land and homes. Allow me to close by telling you that I am indirectly connected to Israel by blood. The filthy nazis killed an Uncle as his unit was crossing into Germany in ww2, and they seriously wounded another Uncle in North Africa. Both men were decorated for bravery and both would roll over in their graves if they saw the nazi salute being used by hizbullah and other terrorists. It is the same old gestapo, don't you see? - just in a different time and place, using a different language.

  • As an addition to the comments above, there is a long standing relationship going back to WWII between key Arab / Religious rulers in the area and the Nazis, they were allied in the quest for a final solution regarding the Jews as far as the Middle East was concerned..

    As Goesh pointed out, has naything changed? Not likely.