Beyond the Litani: Defending Kiryat Shmona

The city has been subjected to ceaseless rocket fire, at times over 80 a day (75 yesterday). Areas of the city have been badly smashed by terrorist firing and there is steely will in Israel to see justice served and the rockets firing on this Northern city quelled for good, the hard to grip losses ended.

The residents of Kiryat Shmona living in underground shelters for days on end, bombarded by terrorist scum. This area has been subjected to endless attacks over the years, it is a sore point and the IDF is ready to stand and fight. In the post below, mention is made of the IDF eye on the threat to Kiryat Shmona.

The military officials also presented Olmert with a plan for an operation north of the Litani, in the area of Ramat Nabatiyeh where rockets were launched into Kiryat Shmona. The operation in Ramat Nabatiyeh, however, is likely to be put off for a later stage if necessary.

A look beyond the Litani on the Map

Beyond the Litani: Defending Kiriyat Shmona

Moral in the IDF is high, there is a strong desire to defend the State, protect the citizens of the North. This is a source of great pride for the People of Israel. There should be no illusions, as there is equally no river, and no line that will halt the Israeli Defense Forces if they are forced to act.

No More Mr. Nice Guy 

These firing areas are stretching beyond traditional Hezbollah strongholds. When will the Lebanese people stand up? Not against Israel but against the terrorists holding their entire country now hostage? How much farther will this conflict be forced to escalate before Lebanon acts..

Will a push to the Litani go forward, and how far beyond will the IDF have to go, before Lebanon's people assert for freedom, and democracy over being Syrian & Iranian state pawns?

Firefighters desperately fighting 24 hours a day to put out thousands of fires in Israel

Over half a million trees, and some of the most beautiful green areas of Israel have been destroyed and burned by rocket fire, on top of the massive infrastructure damage to the city. An UN-DOCTORED Reuters photo of some of the 'big gains' claimed by the cockroach Nasrallah, burning and scorching our green Earth in the name of Islam. (Photo credit Al-Reuters)

Real American Heroes: JPOST – NY Firefighters pay their own way to fight the fire burning through the holy land.

JPOST: Fires caused by rockets set forests back 50 years

LINKS: Updates on the Mid East Crisis: On Israel, and many Jewish bloggers covering the situation, at the Truth Laid Bear which is also highlighting the other side, and at Pajamas Media. Soccerdad consistently does HQ round ups as well.

UPDATE AUG 9th: JNF, the Jewish National Fund famous for its tree planting drives over the decades announced that already over 5 million dollars have been donated to combat the deforestation! Israel, believes in and cherishes life.

I'm big on trees..
For only 10 dollars in a charitable donation online you can PLANT a tree in Israel. I've got dozens over the years, plant 2 trees and get one planted in your name free as well. What could be more fantastic than having a big green beautiful tree growing in your name in the Holy Land, and repairing the damage these terrorists have caused!?

  • Go get 'em.  I hope that the IDF takes all necessary means to achieve decisive victory.  This will benefit, Israel, Lebanon, and the whole world.

  • from your keyboard to Olmert's brain…I gotta tell you, looking at this thing from the US, a lot of us are wondering what the heck your political leaders are waiting for here…wars like this are NOT won with air power alone…never have been, never will be, no matter the delusions and fantasies of air force folks…Olmert seems like a nice enough guy – too nice? – and all, but he and the rest of his cabinet seem wishy-washy and indecisive enough to make good US Senators.  Go get 'em guys…our thoughts are with you…godspeed.

  • Here here David, the IDF has been given leeway now in Israel to proceed as necessary.

  • I am writing after the so-called cease-fire is in effect (so-called because Hezbollah already fired on Israeli soldiers 3.5 hours into the cease-fire and had to be taken out), so I won't comment on the war for now.  I wanted to remark on your wonderful love for the United States. I very much appreciate it. Think about it: The US began as a group fighting to break away from colonial status ruled by a distant country, in order to have autonomy and freedom. The US was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and Israel is supposed to be a Jewish State, founded on the Bible ( G-d willing, it will be some day!). Israel was re-settled by the Jews who had a long, historical and Biblical association with the land, after being oppressed by many nations in a thousands-of-years-long diaspora. Israel was re-settled by rough, pioneer-types, and so was the US. Israel is a democracy, and so is the US. Israel built a modern technogolical state out of NOTHING, and the US built a world super-power out of NOTHING.  I really believe that an American should respect Israel, and vice versa. The one thing I don't like is some of the decadence of society here, and unfortunately there are elements like that in Israel as well. Western society insinuates itself onto the rest of the world…but that is not, in my opinion, the true America, nor is it anything akin to Jewish values. If the United States would align themselves with Israel militarily, with joint Armed Forces in the air and on the ground, what a force for good that could be in the world! (p.s., my husband is a Vietnam veteran, and one of our sons is still in the IDF, so I know!).

  • That's a beyond fantastic comment and I couldn't agree more. Israel & America have a strong bond because of those shared values! Of course, all the best to your son, I have no doubt his friends, comrades, the state and Gd are watching over him, as that is just how it is in the Israeli Army!

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