Lies from Lebanon: Siniora credibility rating reaching Zero

Along with his media buddies..

PM Siniora who in previous posts here and all around the blogosphere has been caught waving around absurd casualty figures which are trumpeted on Live TV, & media reports across the world – has been badly nailed today, again.

40 to 1 Ratio:
Putting the entire Lebanese casualty figure number in doubt.

This morning stories were screaming of a new 'massacre', 40 KILLED IN AN IDF VILLAGE STRIKE, propaganda flowing like feces from the mouth of Lebanon's embattled PM as he actually WEPT on TV. Woops, get the BIG story screaming in the headlines, do the propaganda damage, the willing media licks it up, blairs the headlines, and then for 5 minutes when it is shown to be Hezbollah fed lies, put up a retraction (CNN). This is becoming a broken record. The media is being used & abused and like most victims is loving every minute of it, coming back for more.

BBC Led with the story today, blaring the headlines, is it any wonder the retraction is typical of their unwillingness to call a spade a spade, and shows for instance pictures of poor Lebanese in Tyre which is TOTALLY unrelated? With plenty of talk re Lebanese hardships included, this becomes yet another sap sympathy play.

Hello? Should this retraction and article not have focused on the growing trend for Lebanese figures now to be totally unreliable, in the media I've seen 1100 +, down to 700, up to 900, back down to 452, all the while no mention of how many Hezbollah terrorists have their big toes tagged in there!? Perhaps a little ACTUAL reporting from the BBC for a change as opposed to the terrorist love fest going down at the outfit?

Lebanon PM revises air raid toll 

Lebanon's prime minister has said only one person was killed in an Israeli air strike that earlier he said had killed more than 40 civilians [...]

This story, accompanied by a BBC picture of a Lebanese woman & child with the caption: Many of those stranded in Tyre are poor and elderly. That's what you call 'revising' a death toll? A 40 to 1 mistake, how's about 'Lebanese PM inflates death tolls 40 times over and we cheered him on! you insufferable British media terrorist lovers? You are starting to look like buffoons to even the most untrained eye.

Hat Tip Memeorandum

Update: Elder of Ziyon shares the skepticism, too kind Elder too kind to PM Siniora imho. He's off to the races, he also claimed 900 dead three days ago to Muslim Foreign Ministers, whipping up the outrage.


Update II: Am I being too hard on Fuad Siniora?
I've been following Lebanese events from well before the war broke, you decide..

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    "you insufferable British media terrorist lovers? You are starting to look like buffoons to even the most untrained eye." You hit the nail on the head, I am deeply ashamed of all the British media but particularly the BBC. Let it be understood that these tossers DO NOT represent me (English) or any of the people I converse with, they are a disgrace. Go Isreal, Go IDF, a lot of people here are right behind you and your very reasoned response.

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  • Concordia

    Yes you are being unreasonable and you come across as completely heartless and unable to fathom any other suffering other than Israeli suffering. While you are quibbling over the numbers of dead (so it may be 700 or it may 1200, they're always estimates anyway) the fact remains that a whle country has been indiscriminately targeted and its infrastructure destroyed. I mourn Israeli casualties, whu can't you mourn Lebanese?

  • Do more reading around here, perhaps starting with the 4 posts linked in this post before making broad assumptions, or don't and suit yourself.. This post has nothing to do with mourning actual dead, it has to do with the Arabs & Lebanese who I think are liars.

    If I come across as heartless to you then that is fine and well, war is hell and we all know exactly who is responsible for this war.

    If there are Lebanese dead that is tragic (as stated nearly 100 times on this blog) but Israel bears ZERO responsiblity. I don't have time to mourn for the Lebanese, I'm too busy mourning for the Israelis murdered in this conflict - A result of these precious Lebanese doing nothing, allowing a terrorist state to grow and dominate within their own country, one I might add that calls for the TOTAL destruction and slaughter of every man woman & child in Israel – My people.

    I never saw Israel embracing this ideology of murdering all the Lebanese and sitting idly by.. then crying foul, in fact Israel could make Lebanon evaporate, instead it risks its young men – sons and daughters, fathers & brothers VERY LIVES fighting in Lebanon hand to hand to protect LEBANESE civilians, when it could REALLY decimate the whole country whole, as opposed to the bullcrap on TV. Your notion that Israel is indescriminately targeting of all Lebanon means you need to educate yourself more on the conflict, because when a superpower indiscriminately targets another country the result is not 700-1200 dead, it is 6-7 million dead, speaking from personal knowledge..

    Me mourning the Lebanese won't set them free from Hezbollah, if they have dead to mourn they can look in the *&%^@ mirror and see the reasons why. Regards.