Fox News is unbelievable: Julie Banderas et al

I've been so disenfranchised with coverage lately, slamming the BBC, swiping at CNN..

This kind of negativity gets me down, so I'm going to switch up and run with some praise.


I stay way from the TV news often, I'm a reader but in conflict my PC TV tuners heat up, and FNC is on in the background on my PC more often than not. With many Fox anchors either in theatre in the Mid East or away on summer time off, I've been developing some new tastes with the anchors holding down the fort.

Julie Banderas – Full Fox star in the making?

What I'm finding is that Julie who I have not often gotten a chance to watch during the weekend when she anchors the Big Story, is a superlative anchor. I've watched her now filling in for Gibson during the week and I'm impressed.

Maybe I'm just jumping the gun but she actually seems to know a thing or two off the prompter. That kinda thing is refreshing, well beyond her obvious good looks which pretty much every female Anchor today carries on her CV. Whether she's sharp as a tact or just working hard and coming in well prepared (both admirable qualities).. Fox clearly has a roster that is very deep now, Human Resources there needs a raise imho. Great job all around.

John Kasich – My all new respect for the US Heartland

During brunch yesterday I was talking about Fox News & coverage with my pal Steve, he brought up Kasich and it's a good thing too because the Heartland anchor is also making inroads in my books. I love the way he doesn't take any crap, any anchor that can pull the 'shutdown' with John's ease is all 'A list' by me. Kudos.

No network is infallible, but when I weigh the schlock pouring out of foreign anchors on CNN, or the diarrhoea pouring out of BBC World's anchors, my daily FoxFan email is becoming fairly useless.. What good is an email update when I've already caught it all live!?..

No wonder Fox freaks so many people out, it's really good. Don't even get me started on Leventhal, Griffin, Brit, Shep and others as they rock.

Update: Speaking of FNC – Michelle Malkin was just on with Bill tonight, you can catch the replay or maybe the video will go to Hotair. She was talking about labels, just like Yids - Michelle gets some of the most hateful vitriol sent her way, she was also in on Photo-Gate

  • Papa Ray

    I'm with you on your praise, except for that those two male twits on Fox and Friends in the AM, I don't watch them, because I start imagining duct tape on their mouths. Of course I know that hour is not news, but meant for entertainment, but they don't entertain me. Papa Ray

  • I can't say I've ever really tuned into the morning show because I like hard news too. Though I do know that the pretty girl / woman is also on with Bill during his radio show which I cannot get : (

    (or at least she was the few times I heard it in LA)

    If someone has a link to hear the radio shows please let me know.

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