Moshe Yaalon: Former IDF Chief of Staff on C-Span

Affectionately known as Boogie, Moshe Yaalon speaks on C-Span and takes calls. (launch C-Span Video Real Player 26 mins)

Boogie explains how the conflict is no longer specifically national – meaning about occupations & lands, it is religious in nature today. A Jihad against the West. The goal of establishing a universal Muslim caliphate and subjecting all 'infidels', meaning me & you is certainly no secret. Initiated largely by the radical Islamic revolution in Iran, the goal now spans beyond Shia & Sunni internal conflict. from Iran, to the Muslim Brotherhood, to Hamas, to Hezbollah, to Al Qaeda.. These groups may have internal conflicts but they relish the goals of destroying the West.

The radical Islamist threat must be countered

Also some astounding ignorance coming in from callers, one young Arab American woman 3 generations out calls for the destruction of Israel, relying on stories her grandfather told her of her great grandfather about injustices. Another woman wants every Jew thrown out of US government because 'that will solve the problems'. Apparently this is all Israel's problem not America's problem..

I would add that these stellar examples of ignorance are in reality the REAL problem. As I posted a bit below, if we lose against the Jihadists it won't be because they are anything spectacular, they most certainly are not. They are cowards & terrorists, the only way the West loses is due to the inability of far too many to see reality clearly, or see beyond their own personal hatreds or indifference. The radical Islamists, these terrorists, these regimes, want to destroy our way of life and they will kill us all to do it - it really is that simple. They play by no set of rules yet milk ignorance and misplaced sympathies to cynically hamper us by wrapping those rules around our necks while dancing around them.

Useful pawns 

What gets me the most in this religious conflict is many atheists, progressives, pacifists or those without faith in a god but who may worship in their own way I don't know.. Humanity, or equality or what have you which is fine, don't seem to realize that the Jihadists will likely kill them first. They are an even worse brand of infidel, yet a handy massive block of useful 'tools' to shield radical Islam for now as strategy. Not much different than how radical Islamists shield themselves now with fellow Muslims and Women & Children, using them as simply more grist for the mill. Aligning oneself oddly with these powers seeking one's destruction because it is politically convenient to oppose religion, or conservatism, or any other agenda is the height of lunacy.

As a side note: I received a number of emails regarding updates to any maps or fighting. 100%, please keep in mind that in the interest of security and the war effort immediate updates on positions, battles, troop locations etc is not helpful despite our strong natural inclination for detail & info. I will certainly as always update these things but with an eye towards caution.

Israel has & is securing a large number of villages in the South of Lebanon, movements have not changed much for now. After they do I'll update with posts etc. Such information is certainly available in many cases, but I'd prefer to post it afterwards as opposed to on the spot. Many thanks! – saus.

UPT: Some Links I've seen of interest
Daled Amos gets a little biblical on the changing tides, I agree with the post. Using the divinely inspired instructions regarding Amalek is certainly not possible or proper in this context in my opinion.

Michele Malkin looks at some of the sheer idiocy pouring out of some of the ignorance I highlighted above.

The Augean Stables looks at the death cult and the value of life, also applicable above.

  • Good post. I liked this.

  • Mel Gibson

    On behalf of myself and the entire cast of Braveheart, I want to apologize to all Jews and Israelis for the nasty things I said recently when I was drinking alcoholic beverages. Secretly, I hope hezbollah loses the war but my father, even though he is dead, would not let me say that. Things got confused after a few drinks and part of me was being William Wallace and I thought the Jews were the English in my mind, but that is what alcohol does to a person. Let that be a lesson to the children of Israel! DO NOT GET DRUNK, EVER!

  • xena

    Mel Gibson, I forgive you and realize you made a mistake, now maybe you should use your star power to educate the masses on how dangerous and bloodthirsty  these radical Islamists really are. 

  • I don't know about others, but my focus on this Mel Gibson thing has been nearly nil. I couldn't care less about Mel, if he's an anti semite good for him. I hope that works out well for him.

    Historically, the big guy has been less than kind to to those empires skewing with the people of the book, from the Babylonians, to the Greeks, to the Romans, last time I checked they were all long gone, but even Genocide can't keep us down! Seems the Persians haven't learnt these lessons either, sucks to be them because they'll get theirs too. Mel is messing with things much bigger than him and his gigantic ego.

  • xena

    you're right…i have to take back my apology….after much careful thought, why should i cut him any slack?   i've always stopped supporting those hollyweird types and professional singers that make political statements dissing our elected leaders….they are entertainers who use their positions to push whatever agenda is dear to their hearts…i've always disagreed with that..gibson crossed that line in my book, so therefore in light of that, i cannot now support gibson