Hadera Deep Strike in Israel: No Injuries

More rocket attacks, this time deep into Israel, the deepest strike in fact to date..

Fox News: 'Deepest Yet' Rocket Strike Slams Israel

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Hezbollah launched its deepest rocket strike inside Israel to date Friday, launching three rockets that hit near a town 50 miles south of the Lebanese border, police said.

The deep rocket attack came as Lebanese security officials said that an Israeli airstrike killed at least 28 civilian workers who were loading vegetables onto trucks near the Syrian border. Israeli officials said two buildings in the area were targeted because they were believed to be weapons storage depots. [...]

The bombing that sadly killed vegetable workers is concerning to me. Victims were taken I read to Syrian hospitals, in light of the growing suspicions that the Qana 'massacre' was staged (now also 28 people as opposed to 60 claimed by Lebanon), there's indeed a heck of a lot of reason for concern. Syria is as bad as Hezbollah in the lying dept. With that bombing incident so close to the Syrian border finding anything out there with truth will be difficult in the extreme, it's basically whatever Syria says goes.

I don't mean to be cynical, but I simply do not trust the media reports any longer coming out of the wire services, nor do I trust all the reports on casualties that are most often sourced from what the media keeps terming 'Lebanese Security Officials'. What does that mean that term? Who's releasing the information on casualties to the media? It seems the numbers grow by massive tallies daily, where are the verifications. In Israel this is less of an issue as the casualty numbers are truthful, in Lebanon however my trust is kaput.

On these recent rocket attacks, Nasrallah threatened long range rockets but so far Hezbollah appears very weak to me. Yes Katyusha's hit Israel, many today (200) and there were injuries and civilian deaths as a result which is a constant tragedy, but these shorter range rockets can only be stopped or slackened once Israel has cleared the south. The majority of long range medium range rockets have indeed been rarely seen thankfully due to IDF actions. More pressure needs to be applied before any cease fires and the non arrival of the French military to 'secure' the area.

  • Papa Ray

    Your right to not trust the media, and you can be sure that the only media releases in Lebanon have to go through Hezbolla, where they are changed to fit the propaganda that they want to spread.  Don't forget that the Qur'an advises true believers to decieve, confuse the unbelievers at every chance. Papa Ray

  • Good point, this taqqyia is never far from their minds, we get sun tzu, they get the koran. Cheers Papa!