BBC News: We are not very ‘big’ on the Jews


The BBC, the World's biggest 'News' service is an embarrassment to the term news.

I have not been to the BBC website all that much in the conflict. I can't stomach it, not right now because it makes me want to retch and I know already what's there. Today I after hearing yet ANOTHER anchor on BBC World News TV pester a guest fishing to try and get him to call out Israeli war crimes, I decided to see what kind of disaster was brewing there. Lo and Behold what did I find? Let's take a look shall we..

Photo: The BBC News Middle East Page
(This is it, the main page, there's no other main news pages for the Middle East, I'm stating this to be clear that what YOU see is what YOU get here and I'm not exaggerating or anything like that.)

BBC NEWS Middle East Main Page (Navigation, & BBC header graphic cropped)
To be clear about things. Here's the full photo of this page with the header graphics included in full, and not shrunk so it is clearer.

Let's examine:

The page is covered in Lebanon, Gaza, Arab, Muslim sympathy stories. There's Israeli attacks, American 'War Crimes', Lebanese aid, Hamas officials being abused, A LONE man injured in Gazan rocket incident, US troops smiling before killing people, Motorola warning about Lebanon, Hezbollah defiance.. I could go on and on. The point here is that what you see is Arab, Muslim sympathy dominated news not covering 90% of the page, not 91%, but 99%.

In Green on the photo a bounding box I created: To highlight the LONE sympathetic story about Israel itself, what is it about? Israel's general economy in conflict. What you won't find is any mention of the following from Israeli Headlines I took quickly TODAY, there are plenty more:

Three killed as Katyushas strike villages in north
3 IDF soldiers killed, 4 wounded in combat in south Lebanon
Katyusha barrage kills eight civilians
86 wounded in Friday barrages
More than 200 rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon on Friday

In fact even in the BBC 'Top Stories', there's not a single mention of a single Israeli wounded, or killed. Not a single mention of the THOUSANDS of rockets slamming into Israel, 200 Friday alone, nearly the same the day before, etc etc. It's all one BIG anti Israel, Anti America hate fest. The killing, rocketing, wounding of ISRAELI JEWS is SIMPLY NOT NEWS at the BBC.

There's not a link, not a story, not a word, in fact if you didn't know better you would think it is holiday time in Israel, not that 300,000 people have been turned into refugees in the North, not that the people with heroic resilience who stayed are living in BOMB shelters for 24 days now, not that thousands of rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians, 200 today alone, not that soldiers are heroically fighting and dying against a world recognized TERRORIST organization, not that Israeli civilians, 8 alone yesterday, more today have been murdered. Apparently, only the Defiance of Hezbollah matters.

I ask, is this not an embarrassment? It's not the first time I called out the BBC for being the 'British Bullshitting Corporation'. Here's another one where BBC editors respond to my embarrassing of them. And you know what? They deserve FAR FAR worse. Their response was that they were doing 'the best they could'. Well you know what? Your 'Best' is frankly pitiful.

If you like, scan the photo & each of the articles linked on MAIN NEWS PAGE for the Middle East, see the GALL of the BBC for yourself.

Related: Tom Gross, who's link you can find on my sidebar under 'media bias busters' writes about similar topics in depth at the Jerusalem Post. He also notes several times BBC anchors fishing for war crimes, it's shameful.

Update: I want to add, I read from a bbc editor a few weeks ago on their blogs that they do see and hear what bloggers write etc, and the editors complained that they tried to respond to some people who ignored them. Not here, I welcome you to tango with me, come and get it. I'll post responses in full clearly and fairly.. Present both sides of any argument. I'm not scared to tango with you Mr. BBC, I welcome it.

** There is a single mention of rockets from Lebanon, under Israeli Border Strike Kills 28 – I take IT ALL BACK, Not.

UPDATE II: Chris Palmer hailing from the UK comments below, he's also got a recent railing of the BBC after being shocked viewing the coverage.

UPDATE III: Check this out – USS Neverdock with some big guns on the BBC, yum. Thanks for linking too!

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  • No condemnation of the Hezbollah terrorists whatsoever. They began this most recent conflict – they are the cause. The BBC are so overwhelmingly biased that they ignore this fact and do not report it.

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  • It's the same  in Canada. CTV , CBC and Global NEWS. The first week , CTV's question period castigated both Israeli and PM Harper. The Canadian Arab League was there pillorying Israel as the Great Satan and trudging up Palestine and every piece of mud they could throw. They made their loyalties plain. No one supported Israel. This on the national news. On the national news no one questions Qana or anything else. The complete range of presentations is available the Blogosphere, the left and right know each others arguments. But in the MSM, the public only knows one side. The number of news items admitting the bias or even reporting it are incredibly small. The questions are: What powers are behind the slant? Only the dire for media entertainment? How do we get the complete news out to the public? How can we make the MSM report ALL the news?   Canada is completely poisoned. We will be the world's foremost terrorist springboard after Iran and Lebanon. WE have no awareness and no forces to counter it here. Unless something can change, Jihad has already won here.  Canadian Global TV News Spouts Hezbollah Lies

  • Hi Max, I am very familiar with the canadian media version of events and have been monitoring mostly CTV & CBC online in canadian matters. This danger exists I think anywhere you have a loud extremely vocal disproportionate progressive minority voice that with media assistance gets trumpeted far more loudly than its actual support base. I think we see this in Canadian media be it on war, social issues like the gay marriage debate etc. In most instances these views do not nec. coincide with the public silent majority.

    I think the answer to the very pertinent question you ask is within that silent majority. The CBC as an example knows it is being scrutinized and feels the pressure. I have had lengthy email discussions (complaints, ombusdman, debates) with both the head of the CBC, and tony burman the head of CBC news over Israel. They are unwilling to acknowledge the bias, but the pressure they feel is tangible.

    The most effective means is to correct imho, CTV and outfits have feedback areas for typos, comments, contact etc. Polite, factual, curt information to them results in not a massive sway, but a chipping away,  a notion of accountability which by itself forces even lightly the editors, producers, and reporters to make more effort to try and get things right. It is noteworthy I think to see that individuals such as yourself see the problem, want to fix it.. I say don't be discouraged, this is not something that can happen overnight, it is a long hard battle to sway institutionalized bias fought inch by inch!

    Something has indeed changed, Canada's governmental positions, this should be a rallying call Max, it is a big thing.. All of a sudden the shocking notion that there is another 50% of the public that thinks differently than the media dawns in a distant corner of the media mind, unbelievable but they have grown to operate like this is non existent, your views are now empowered in Canada Max, keep up the good fight is what I'd say. Just like it took a decade to get to the sorry point it did, it may take a decade to move it back and this Jihad will be a long one..

    Things like the arrest of 18 terrorists in Canada, this has a measurable impact on public opinion, it will force together with informed pressure from viewers like yourself imho the media to correct even slightly their course going forward.

    Thanks for your great comment