Lebanon in Crisis: Over 100,000 civilians killed

Does that number seem outrageous to you? 

It should not, it's from official tallies of Lebanese slaughter in Lebanon's recent civil war ending in the 90's.

What is however outrageous is the world reaction to Israel's self defense from terrorists in a supposed 'Global War on Terror'. One where some 200 people are now dead, only one of them being a Hezbollah member 'according' to Lebanon.

Dare to compare? In fact I do dare, any day of the week

Were the French rushing to solve that conflict in Lebanon? Were the Guardian & the Independent hyper ventilating? What about Reuters or CNN? Did the Secretary General of the UN trip over his own feet trying to impose 'peace', or was he content to let maybe another 50,000 be slaughtered and then maybe re-evaluate.. In a few years?

I'd call all this a double standard but unfortunately my blog doesn't handle the exponents needed to measure the gravity of this "exponential standard" against Jews & Israel.

In Lebanon's civil war civilians WERE targeted, that might explain the mind numbing numbers killed. In this recent conflict with I repeat ONLY ONE dead Hezbollah member 'according to Lebanon', and the rest now killed (250 people, compared to about 150,000) all 'civilians', how exactly do we explain the media, official statements by Lebanese leaders, pundits, leftists – that Israel is targeting civilians!?

How do we explain the fact that the UN's top dog for human rights, Madame Arbour has scathingly come forward to state that Israel may be liable for war crime prosecutions!?.. It's mind boggling really.

Over 3000 bombing sorties

What is considered among, if not the most technologically advanced army in the World, one that takes every measure humanly possible to avoid civilian casualties let alone target them, in over 2000 bombing runs, with 24 hour pin point shelling from Artillery batteries, for 9 days now has seen under 300 dead, the number of Hezbollah in that number unknown.

As a good friend pointed out, nearly double that amount of confirmed innocents were wiped out in a Tsunami this week, did you hear a word about it!? Did the UN convene any special councils, where was Madame Arbour, I must have missed her humanitarian press conference in the 24 hour coverage.

In light of that 'double' standard where Jews are vilified for being amongst the most careful, humane people on the planet while fighting TERRORISTS & savages who pack weapons with ball bearings to murder little children eating ice cream..

I can only wonder for those that couch their statements in condemnation, or yell about slaughters and humanitarian disasters, the anti-zionists, supposedly 'progressives' and those that ally themselves with dictators, Jihadists, tyrants and bald faced lying Arab leaders..

How do you live with your shame?

Knowing everything you preach is basically lies and hatreds. I ask because the conscience of those on the other side, living here in "reality" is not only clean, it's calling to step up the assault and utterly hammer Hezbollah right back to hell where it belongs.

The fighting can end today, right now. Hezbollah is responsible for destroying Lebanon. We all know it, how come only some of us are saying it.. Disproportianate self defense, war crimes, will the anti Israel marvels ever cease? The latest Lebanese allegation making the rumor mill is chemical weapons being used on them. What a joke, one war crime allegation deserves another I guess. 


In light of everything above, in light of the fact that Hezbollah puts its offices in apartment buildings surrounded by human shields like the terrorists they are.. I can only marvel despite the fact that every life is precious, how light the casualties in this war have been. Compared to that one previous conflict in the region, about 99,700 souls lighter to be precise, going by the 'Lebanese' numbers of course.

Gillerman: Word 'terror' not mentioned once in UN Annan's speech

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