All Hail the Bureaucrats

The Big UN Idea men are coming, hide the children.

There's a bigger danger to Israel out there than Hezbollah. The Hezbollah apologists, those that cannot differentiate between action & reaction and for whom there is only equivalence.. They are already well on the prowl.

Calls for 'immediate cease fire' ring out due to the 'humanitarian issues'. Let me thank those humanitarians for their serious concern for the Israel public locked down in shelters, almost a million strong forced from their homes by Hezbollah, refugees.. While they are suffering, they have also expressed the will & desire for the IDF to deal with Hezbollah, so the Big Idea men can take it easy for now – Thanks a lot for any concern though.

The UN Humanitarian Dream Team is suited up:
Key words – Multilateralists, appeasers

  • Kofi Annan – UN Secretary General
  • Terje Larson – UN 'special representative'
  • Romano Prodi – Prime Minister of Italy, former President of the EU Commission
  • Javier Solana – Mr. EU, European Union Minister for Foreign Affairs, amongst a trillion other things.

Kofi & Solana are cooking up the usual mid-east gumbo, hey if it doesn't work why not try it and try it again! Both of these men as a matter of every routine; insert themselves representing the almost homogeneous UN / EU view on all matters concerning the Middle East, most especially the Palestinians. Ariel Sharon for a long while simply refused to meet Javier Solana, seeing him as far from a friend of Israel. Israel's raw deal in the UN and views of Annan are well known.

Solana & Kofi at UN / EU Lebanon international action press conference
Annan said Monday any international stabilization force that is put together for Lebanon must be 'considerably' larger and better armed than the U.N.'s current force of about 2,000 soldiers. - (AP Photo/Yves Logghe)

'The Use of Farce'

Everything should be debated, delayed ad-nauseum with force or action an absolute last resort, but never really an option, since everything invariably involves the greatest amount of countries possible, all needed in full consensus regardless of the position, but found in the expression of section C: of chapter Z, on document number 8465387.. UNLESS of course it involves the USA or Israel, in which case either or both are always wrong and any or all action or force is immediately warranted because great crimes are being committed, or at least they may be perceived as such on the mythical 'Arab Street'.

There is no Jihad, terrorists are militants, conflict is all about occupation, even when occupation is over. 'Israel bad' etc etc is always a good starting point, and we can work from there.. Let's call them 'honest brokers'.

The Kofi / Solana Plan:
More UNIFIL troops, to add to the 2000 already there for 20 years now, but with a 'new mandate'. That's right, throw a gallon or two of paint on that old chevy and she'll be as good as new!

Solana statement; Yahoo News

Separately, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he was planning a peace mission to the Middle East. "The European Union is greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel," according to a statement issued by Finland, which holds the EU's rotating presidency. "The presidency deplores the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. The imposition of an air and sea blockade on Lebanon cannot be justified."

In the EU's strongest comment on the escalating violence, the statement said "actions, which are contrary to international humanitarian law, can only aggravate the vicious circle of violence and retribution, and cannot serve anyone's legitimate security interests." It called for the immediate release of the Israeli soldiers, and urged "all countries in the region to work for the restoration of calm in order to avoid the further escalation of the situation into war."

Solana said he was in "permanent contact" with players in the region and with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan. "Following these contacts, I envisage going to the region," he said in a statement. EU diplomats said it was unclear when Solana would leave, but it could be before Monday's meeting of European foreign ministers in Brussels.

Solana, dream team captain is envisioning his now second trip there to the region in under a week, there's big work to do there as great crimes.. to quote: "actions, which are contrary to international humanitarian law" as defined by the EU chief himself and Kofi, are taking place. Don't need the security council or any of that nonsense, the priority now is to tie up Israel as quickly as can be.

Big Plans

Assert 'UN control', put in place more UNIFIL type troops that have never once stopped a terrorist attack in 20 years now, will not in reality now be mandated to do so, will never engage & fire on terrorists, who are we kidding!?.. But merely in the end observe them in action. This is of course the absolute best way to get those UN Human shields in place protecting hizbullah and I mean faster than you can say Solana fast! Israel will not be able to engage Hezbollah in self defense or otherwise as Israel will be penalized for daring to break 'UN international made up law', while Hezbollah is free to do whatever it damn well pleases. The typical UN slap job, enforcing the peace on the Democracy in the area tying its hands while the terrorist War rages on.

Conditions met? Zero.

Of course, this will not in any way establish:

  • Lebanese government sovereignty over south Hezbollah Lebanon.
  • Disarm Hezbollah.
  • Nor will it prevent hezbollah rocket fire at Israel.
  • Won't even get the absolute minimum which is the return of Israel's soldiers.

Neither Israel's concerns, the G8's concerns, the entire UN's concerns regarding resolution 1559 are covered but this is after all a Solana & Kofi plan. Get a cease fire in place that stops Israeli fire, but allows for terrorists to operate as usual, very effective! How to go about this difficult task? Cease fire, and prisoner releases where upon Israel should negotiate with Hezbollah!

Livni's statement seems far from those points.
Yahoo News – JERUSALEM

Israel would be ready to call a cease-fire with Hezbollah if its captured soldiers are returned, the Lebanese army deploys along the countries' shared border and the future disarmament of the militia can be guaranteed, the foreign minister said Tuesday. [...]

Worked 'very well' the last 50 times this schlock was tried.. 

Will this stinker smell like the EU scheme cooked up for the Egypt Gaza Rafah border? Israel was removed from the security picture on EU insistence to satisfy Palestinian pride of controlling their own borders.. Resulting in about a billion RPG rockets coming through to arm Hamas & Islamic Jihad. Nice one! Condi came through personally upon EU request to ram this down Israel's throat, less than six months later there is open war in Gaza and the place is being bombed endlessly. Result, Hamas is so armed & entrenched there it has become Hamastan.

Condi doesn't want to rush to the region

Report: Rice will visit Israel on Sunday or Monday

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to arrive for a visit to Israel and other Middle Eastern states on Sunday or Monday. Sources in Washington told Ynet that rice is not planning on demanding a ceasefire. (Yitzhak Ben-Horin, Washington)

Maybe Condi should indeed please stay home for a while because any trip she makes will invariably end up in her being pressured by Solana & CO. into breaking Israel's arm to agree to something that will fail miserably. The hard left in the US, the EU, the UN are all already pushing her to the region as if she can magically stop terrorists and the resulting war, she has quietly stated she is not interested in necessarily squandering her diplomacy cards on futile efforts. But the EU and its adoring world press will soon issue idiocy articles titled 'Israel cannot offend Rice's pride' advocating capitulation to the terrorists and cease fires, yammering on about the Secretary not being able to 'come home without a deal', manufacturing reality and labeling it news.

Terje Larson & the Team

  • The rest of the UN team is also stellar. Larson was a key figure in facilitating the Oslo Accords, we all know how great that whole 'peace experiment' turned out. Civilian death rates have only sky rocketed on both sides since that great plan came to being.
    He was then the 'special UN envoy' to the PLO. His own personal (I would add somewhat sexual) infatuation with Arafat was somewhat nauseating. But his credibility disappeared entirely when he was 1st on the scene in Jenin to declare mass death & massacres, reporting on Live TV representing the UN that the stench of the human massacre was 'unbearable'. The only real problem of course with that was UN investigations turned up no massacres, no genocides making Terje pretty much persona non grata in Israel, nice knowing you. Fine man for the job, another 'honest broker' to fill out the roster.

U.N. envoy Terje Roed-Larsen, left, talks to U.N. Secretary General national security adviser Vijay Namibar, right, at the Arab League's headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday July,15 2006
Dream Team representative Terje Larsen on his way to Beirut:
'Ok, I say we start the cease-fire right over there..'

Romano Prodi

  • Now leading Italy by winning about 10 more votes from his nemesis Berlusconi in the recent Italian elections, Prodi is always eager for the international flair of EU diplomatic horse hockey being a former EU power player, impossible to resist really. He's already conveyed Israel's terms to Hezbollah upon Israel's invitation, so If Hezbollah trusts him you know he's an 'honest broker' too.

This dream team of players will, along with the vast majority of the media fed by Reuters, the AFP and AP be singing a dangerous song for Israel. Israel's position is no cease fire until the basic elements of its position are met, not the insertion of UN cheerleaders to observe matters and negotiate with the terrorists. Israel will have a 3rd front open now to fight, this one determines victory or defeat in the other two, so it better be ready to fight and win. It has already begun, and in the usual suspects..

UK GUARDIAN - United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah


Can't you just feel the UN madness?

On UNIFILthe 2000 peace keepers in South Lebanon for eons now just 'observing' the terrorists..

UNIFIL was created in 1978 to confirm Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, restore the international peace and security, and help the Lebanese Government restore its effective authority in the area. (Good job, pack it up boys!)

On UNRWA – The Humanitarian UN division setup to deal with Palestinian humanitarian issues, the Palestinians are the only refugees on earth with entire UN agencies & divisions dedicated to them. This one, the largest on the planet or in its history was established in 1949! and is ever expanding now in 2006, dealing with the original 'refugees' great grandchildren I guess?

UNRWA's General Assembly-approved cash budget for 2006 is US$ 470.9 million. This funds the Agency's ongoing Education, Health and Relief and Social Services activities. As of June 2006, contributions pledged to this cash budget by UN and donors total US$ 341.1 million. An additional US$ 150.4 million has been budgeted for projects and US$17.6 million for in-kind donations. 

Another fine fine job settling these pawns, er I meant people. UN solutions baby, only way to ride..
This is what we need, maybe another agency for these Lebanon Hezbollah refugees. Of course they are really mostly upset unsettled Palestinian refugees not allowed status, jobs, professions or land ownership in where else? Lebanon of course, where they fight the good Jihad against Israel.

UPDATE: Imagine … a world without the UNRWA – Boker Tov Boulder.

Daled Amos has more great background on the UN teams, and their complicity / whitewashing of terrorism.
Will the UN Protect Hizbollah Kidnappers–Again? – Daled Amos, (H/T Soccerdad)


What we need here ladies & gentleman is a pronto failed UN solution, to patch the UN failed plan, which has been in effect for 60 years now, but that will have a whole NEW Kofi Solana mandate, so that's exciting. I'm excited, are you excited? I can feel the excitement. You know what, on second thought the Israeli plan of blasting the Hezbollah terrorists to high hell sounds better.

Excellent updates: On Israel, and Jewish bloggers covering the situation, or at the truth Laid Bear which is also highlighting the other side.

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