The Cedar Revolution

Syria & Iran may be considered the political military powers behind Hezbollah, but Israel can clean both those countries clocks militarily. There's a much greater enemy now converging on the Jewish State this week, I'd like to post about that in part II. For now, I'm wondering about the primer and the great "Cedar Revolution" that never was.

Disproportionate force – 125 Rockets today alone. 

One thing does not become clear staring at the endless looping network footage of some blown out buildings in Beirut, and that is the fact that a very small percentage of Israel's force is being brought to bear on Lebanon, a sliver of capability. If Israel were to act in Lebanon with even a fraction of its capabilities the world would learn quickly the meaning of the word disproportionate.

When we talk of restraint or the need for it, the Lebanese people imho should get down on their knees and thank the State of Israel for being so understanding. The people of Lebanon through their complicity & inaction in the face of an internal terrorist entity have brought this fighting to Lebanon, no one else.

It does not matter who funds or pulls strings, no one is responsible but Lebanon, no will pay the price but Lebanon. Please don't talk to me of bridges & an airport, or Syrians for that matter. I could care less about Lebanese bridges, do the Lebanese sit around worrying about whether or not Israel has sufficient monies budgeted to public transportation or road building!? The Lebanese cannot even bother to offer up a cold peace to Israel, the option of live & let live..

No they prefer to sit on their asses, breeding Islamism, hatred and war for 58 years within, cutting up their own in savagery not often witnessed this past century while blaming the most convenient scapegoat, Israel. Poor Lebanon, the jewel of the Middle East, not even apparently capable of the simple act of polishing it for routine maintenance. Well Israel left six years ago, Syria was forced out last year. Now to face your failures you will have to look directly in the mirror.

To the Lebanese reading here, and there are plenty..
Here's a news flash, I don't give a crap about Lebanon, that's your job.

This convenient glaring eye at Syria or Iran is nonsense, no one will be accountable in Iran or Syria. It is enough with the diplomatic delusions, the international community has run out of pairs of underwear after pissing itself so many times in the grand effort of staring down tyranny of late. Those leaders, those days of storming beaches to fight for what is right are gone. Words like Gd & country, the American way are totally foreign, more liable to lead to a lawsuit than a GI recruit. America and the values it represents are itself under siege & Javier and his cronies are leading the assault, do they expect me to care for what they say after mucking up everything they come near like a plague of appeasing poison? I do not, should you?

Today we have only a small glimmer left, it's called national responsibility. Israel, countries like America are beacons of light in this last regard and it is time the EU, the UN, the Lebanese, and the Palestinians get wiser because clearly patience has worn thin in many with their endless excuses and their cultures of martyrdom & death. These are pathetic ideologies, ones the Arab World & Islam through their endless silence and thus tacit support have allowed to overshadow all else, including their own entire religion, and countries whole.

The real Arab humiliation has nothing to do with Israel

You feel humiliation, you feel shame? You're damn right you do, it won't be ending soon. It has nothing to do with Israel, it is the shame of your own failings given opportunity after opportunity to prosper. Is Lebanon breaking the spell of Arabic Islamic failure now? Seizing the opportunity to take on a weakened Hezbollah, build a real Lebanon.. Or are they taking a page yet again from the World's gold medal winning failures on the 1st front, the Palestinians? Take it from me the Jew, you claim victim-hood and you will remain an eternal victim.

I'm not impressed, even less so by the more pitiful amongst us & the double standard by which many of the 'enlightened' west measure this failure. Not as a conscious submission to hatreds and ideologies, not with an eye towards realities or facts & history, but as a group of mentally deficient basket cases requiring endless diaper changing. The Ultimate EU Nanny States! Send in Norwegians, Indians or Canadians, that will solve the problem, it never has to date but this time appeasing the culture of total failure will work, I promise! 

Send more envoys, more aid, more meetings, more security councils, more media talking morons, more UNIFILS, UNWRAs, more world courts, more more more, more Israel vilification, more academics, more socialists, more nihilists, more relativists, what we need is more dreamers.. But in the end we see what will bring real resolution, we see what will enforce the UN resolutions, enforce the border, free Lebanon for a change. The Arabs are apparently from my own unofficial glance at history, totally incapable of liberation like other peoples, they MUST BE LIBERATED. Therein lies the heart and truth of Muslim humiliation. It is enough burning Israeli & American flags at the altar of a perverted Islam, the only flags your fellow morons are burning are your own!

More Bombs, less talk.

Bombs until every Lebanese person, Christian, Muslim, Sunni, Shia, French, Canadian, American, patriot, ex-patriot, Hezbollah, smezbollah (I could care less) take national responsibility, or alternatively cease to be a nation. Patrol your borders, or have them patrolled for you by the IDF. Israeli soldiers have been taken in your name. Return them at once, rockets have been fired at Israel in your name, dismantle their bases and launchers at once.

These are not threats, these are not corrupted futile UN programs, these are realities. Hizbullah must be disarmed, or Israel must be prepared to destroy Hizbullah. Lebanon and Lebanese civilians are in the way I am told by my media. My answer is simple, if within Lebanon there is an Islamist terrorist organization with its own mini state, in the government, controlling its borders, launching war on surrounding states in its name.. then there is NO Lebanon.

I am a great egalitarian, the exact same national responsibility lies with Israel. If the country cannot stare down the pressure of 3rd parties, cannot act as it deems necessary to act then there is no Israel either. If you think otherwise, or that bureaucrats will alter these realities then you are a fool and will suffer the fools fate.

Cedar revolution? (WIKI)

Only successful revolutions are marked in history, the failures get left by the way side. The entire world has stepped forward to help Lebanon this past decade, but Lebanon can never see fit to help itself. FINISH THE JOB, or mark this day in your cedar calendars, Israel will finish it for you and the bill, the price will be yours to bear and no one else's.

Part II: All Hail the Bureaucrats
Solana, Larson, the UN Teams, Condi Rice and treating the Arabs like overgrown children is forthcoming.

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  • Neil

    Lessons I learned from watching the news this week: 1) If you defend yourself from a violent act you are a bad person. 2) 200 people getting killed by Israel is worse than 350 people getting killed by a Tsunami. 3) It really doesn't matter who started it. 4) When two people are having a fight and it has nothing to do with me, it is still my duty to mix in and stop the fighting. 5) If you are responsible for starting a fight and you start losing, blame the other guy for having superior fighting skill and kicking the shit out of you. 6) Even if you are an asshole, it's the other guy's fault you stink. 7) There is no right side, everyone's wrong. 8) If you are looking for reasons / good analysis as to why you act the way you do, it is best to use the last two weeks as a frame of reference. 9) Telling a good story is more important than telling the truth. 10) It is more important for people to like you, than it is for you to do the right thing.

  • Are you busy next week? The UN is going to need some clear thinkers out there in Beirut, I'm a little worried about the crop in the field. They don't learn as quickly, it takes them about 58 years and they are still not even clear on the basics.


    I think I need to go watch more panicked 'we are not getting these citizens who have been in Lebanon for two years now, gotten married, and are upset the evacuation of the sudden warzone is taking an extra 48 hours, yet have internet access and the ability to kvetch about maybe paying a fare for the trip, or not being allowed to bring along the Hezbollah neighbor' quickly enough coverage.. If that isn't compelling viewing I don't know what is.

    Maybe Nic Roberston can run around with another hezbollah flak talking about how dangerous it might be to stand outside hezbollah world headquarters in Beirut at this time.. While standing outside Beirut World Headquarters at the time & telling me about the masses of civilians targeted when there is not so much a cat in the street other than Nic himself?

    I'm being honest when I say if you can glean even a shred of knowledge from the brain dead drivel I've seen at CNN you ought to be chairing something a yale!

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