United with Israel: White House, State, Congress

UPDATE JPOST via AP: Bush clarity, resolve results in entire G8 moving over a notch.

Michelle Malkin has MUCH more.

The policy schisms recently have been most apparent.

Between the two Houses of Congress, The White House and the Department of State it has been at times difficult to get a consistent read on US direction or policy.. Most especially at State.

Foggy Bottom historically known for waving the flag in differing directions has been somewhat of an enigma lately. A one stop shop – if it doesn't further or feed the goal of playing nice with the EU over a diplomatic solution in Iran, it runs contrary to Dept. of State policy is how one might best sum it up. Condi has had a lot of rope lately and she's been using much of it to lasso Israel with, to the glee of her EU counterparts for whom a good Israel roping is entertainment for the whole month!

Not this time Javier..

With the UN forced to now contend with merely sending one of their vaunted 'teams' (about as effective as the marionettes in Team America at solving problems) and the USA flexing some veto power, the Hamas Hezbollah situation is clearly being read by the US Administration as a strategic threat in the region, as such the usual recipes do not apply.

Instead of tying hands, the US is instead sending jet fuel. That's an ally!

Condi - on board for a recent change?YNET – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice backs Israel's military operation in Lebanon; US government says it has agreed to supply Israel with jet fuel to feed its warplanes – Yitzhak Benhorin

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warned that for the time being the United States is not interested to assist in negotiating a ceasefire. There is no point in achieving a ceasefire so long as Hizbullah and Hamas are capable of firing rockets at Israel, and by doing so to breach it. In a series of interviews to large American television channels, the secretary of state added that this is not the right time to make  diplomatic trips to the region to solve the crisis.

"Extremists in Hamas, Hizbullah, and their supporters in Syria and Iran do not want to see a resolution of these situations on the basis of 1559 and the road map, because then they would have no reason for violence," Rice said. The US government will object the reaching of a cease-fire at the G-8 summit or at the United Nations. [...]

"Our message to Israel is, look, defend yourself," Bush said. "But as you do so, be mindful of the consequences. So we've urged restraint."

"What you had in the Middle East before was American policies – bipartisan, by the way, it had been pursued by Democratic Presidents and by Republican Presidents – that engaged in so-called Middle East exceptionalism and was pursuing stability at the expense of democracy, and it turned out, as we learned on 9/11 or July 7th here, or in any – in London or across the world, was getting neither," she said.

The Pentagon notified Congress of plans to sell Israel jet fuel valued at up to USD 210 million "to keep peace and security in the region". "The proposed sale of the JP-8 aviation fuel will enable Israel to maintain the operational capability of its aircraft inventory," the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in notice required by law. It said Israel had requested the sale, but did not say when the request was made. "The jet fuel will be consumed while (Israel's) aircraft (are) in use to keep peace and security in the region," the notice to Congress said

Condi's comments reflect US policy all right, but they reflect policy from 2001. Policies laid out by an American war time President in moving and historically shaping speeches to both Houses. In sweeping National Security Agency policies regarding pre-emption, intelligence and the rules of engagement vs terrorists. Since then we have seen at times and often in regards to Israel a double line in regards to such policies. We have seen difficult long wars which divide the weakest of wills, and worse of all we have seen the encroachment of the UN, and the endless diplomatic baggage cars of BS the UN brings along with it.

Bush is still the leader of the free World

His houses in Congress are not setting limits in regards to Israel, they are way more eager & busy legislating limits on dealing with terrorist groups, cutting a much harsher road than the White House. His own better judgment and natural inclination to stand with Israel are certainly not limiting factors. The limiting factors are diplomats, the State Dept, and scared cats within the military / intelligence complex who fear more than anything another failure of any scale or of any sort, the 'get out bureaucracy free' cards apparently in short supply after intelligence and reaction screw ups this new millennium.

But Bush is not deterred, he has clearly given the order and said enough is enough. The USA like the World's best back, will now run interference and allow Israel some time.. Crucial key days even with which to prepare to ground for Hezbollah clearance, maybe even a few more big touchdowns for the good guys in the War on Terror.

In the end Bush needs the open range. Like Israel, keeping him confined and hemmed in with bullshit just doesn't fly for long, it's not his style. He clearly realizes this is one battle in the overall theatre the good guys absolutely need to win. The US Administration can often be a bit ambiguous in the name of politics, it seems clear enough the President of the United State has decided, not today.

There are other countries, even *gasp* Muslim & Arab countries who feel the same way, but their voices are not clear. They don't make eye contact, they don't shout for what they believe in with much conviction above the din because it is too risky or not worth it..

That's why they aren't incidentally the leaders of the free world.

  • exdydx

    i hope Israel can take some comfort when i tell them that because in the Bible book of Ezekiel, chapter 38-39, persia [todays iran] is mentioned as one of the 6 allies of the land of the utermost north [only russia is most northern nation with respect to Israel] when they invade Israel. Ezekiel says that GOD will protect Israel by causing the invaders to turn on each other to fight and kill each other in addition to GOD using earthquakes and other natural phenomenon to add to the invaders problems. so i think this is a good indication Israel doesn't have to be concerned with ahmadinejad's developing nukes, because persia will perish in the invasion Ezekiel describes. i hope it would be helpful to let Israel know that the Bible mentions Israel having oil resources, because in Deuteronomy 33 verse 19 it mentioned treasure under the sand [i can't think of any other treasure under the sand than oil] and the verse in Deuteronomy 33 mentioned the land of Zebulum and Issachar in verse 18 so that apparently is where Israel will find its oil resources. since i wish i can do something for Israel's good, i hope that information helps.  also i would like to let Israel know that the prophet Daniel and other locations tells about there is going to be someone who makes a 7 year peace treaty with Israel which will make it possible for a third Jewish temple to be built. this man is dangerous because he is going to go on a murder spree because three and a half years after he signs the peace treaty with Israel, he is going to go into the temple, declare himself to be god, set up and image of himself in the temple and murders those who refuse to worship his image. an American friend of Israel

  • I'm psyched to hear the report of the jet fuel being sold to Israel.  IMHO, we should be GIVING Israel the fuel and whatever other supplies they need, but I wouldn't want Israel to feel responsible to comply with American whims in any way, so I'll settle for the sale– at a discount price, of course. I still didn't like Bush's statement at the G-8, in which he acknowledged Israel's right to defend herself on one hand, while backing that statement up with, "Well, Israel has to realize the consequences of her actions" on the other.  That's shady business. But Feinstein and Lott agreed on a pro-Israel stance on CNN, making Congress pretty solidly pro-Israel.  (May the constituents keep it so.)  This alone is a good sign that America is still a pro-Israel country.  Of course, a Democrat and a Republican agreeing on ANYTHING on the Communist News Network, no less, is also a sign that the apocalypse is coming.  Meh, I'll take it if it means Israel gets my rep's vote. Keep rockin' the coverage!

  • Who am I to argue with Ezekiel?..
    A little grim though, I'm eager for more positive outcomes.

    Hi Shanah : )
    In regards to statements, maybe good enough for the circumstances. There's a lot going on N Korea, Iran, the diplomacy aspect cannot all be chucked. So I think for the time being some credit is due to Bush for opening the time window door, and aligning – allowing for some clarity, in regards to world opinion on the subjects at hand in Lebanon, it might have stayed very muddled like it has been recently otherwise.

    The rest is now up to Olmert / Peretz imho.

    They have been given the room & leeway they constantly crave (beyond this recent crisis) domestically & abroad, it's time to talk turkey. This rocket barrage and killing Israelis is totally unacceptable, I know we agree that a serious cost must be exacted from Hezbollah now.. Thanks for reading & linkim.

  • No, thank you!  Keep kicking butt with those updates.. what do you think of the Israpundit posts re: Condi's secret negotiations to get Israel to accept ceasefire?  We can't accept ceasefire now… at least the American people (and Congress, from what I can tell) are on Israel's side..

  • I think I differentiate at some point between Rice's wants & policies vs what she can get done realitiscally as secretary of state. I don't think the state dept wants a cease fire, I think they want to see one or maybe even two of the world's 3 biggest terror groups dealt serious if not mortal blows..

    How much leeway can be opened and kept open by the us is a factor of world opinion as well, even though internal wants are important, foreign policy is always based on strategic issues as opposed to public opinion as a general rule.. I think the USA & subsequently rice is onboard for more work to be done, at the end of the day I feel that Israel must have strong enough leadership to do what is necessary for the country regardless of anyone's opinions ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, best friends included, though I am confident both allies will always try to accomodate each other if strategically possible.

    For rice specifically, I think on her & her dept a big gamble has been made in regards to what the US sees as its #1 strategic threat above all others, a nuclear weaponized Iran. In light of that she is being given a big path to tread in order to avoid a military confrontation. If she succeeds great, the political diplomatic sacrifices recently will have been worth it, if not I hope US policy designers learn from their mistakes..