The North of Israel: Resilience of the Home Front

JPOST: Victims' names released; 20 Israelis killed, 377 wounded since fighting began.

5 Days of attacks on the North of Israel; Deadly FAJR rocket attacks on Haifa, hundreds of rockets and beyond that..

The gritty stand in the face of Hezbollah, terrorist aggression.

Praise for the North of Israel
Defense Minister Peretz;

(YNET) [...]

"Hizbullah is very surprised," he said. "We had the audacity to strike Hizbullah's most sensitive center. They are surprised by the resilience of the Home Front; they are surprised because they do not hear the Israeli public panicking and calling on its government to call off the operation in Lebanon. On the contrary, Hizbullah sees before it a united country, and it is vital that this resilience continues because it will determine the outcome of the entire war."

Peretz stressed that while the army would operate in adherence to its moral code, it had lifted all restrictions on strikes. "We plan to act in accordance with the message we will get from the Israeli public. If the war has started – finish it in a way that will change the reality. [...]

"The city of Haifa sustained a serious blow"[..] I want to turn to the people of Haifa and tell them that the war in the northern front is not only against Hizbullah. Hamas is testing our resilience, as are the organizations in the West Bank… I am proud of the residents of the north and of the expressions of solidarity here. This determination will help us win this battle. This will decide Israel's future," Peretz declared. [...]

IDF Response;

IAF hits 5 long-range rocket launchers – YNET + video
Air Force chief: More attacks to come – YNET
'Lebanon can be shut down for years' – JPOST

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LINKS to all sides of the conflict: Truth Laid Bear


Looking back to August 2005, and the first widely reported 'test firing' of an Iranian Fajr-3 missile / rocket attack on Israel courtesy of the World Tribune.

The Fajr-3 rocket, at wikipedia.

Not to be confused with the recent possible Fajr-3 ballistic missile. The rocket version, and its bigger brother the Fajr-5 are in the news for Hezbollah capability. The Fajr-5 essentially brings the central plain & Tel Aviv areas under a theoretical risk of range, as such Israel is instructed to be on alert. The Fajr-5 would be truck mounted, perhaps similar to the mobile launchers that were struck today by the IAF.


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