Iranian Threats: Bile belting Capitol of the World

What's a good Jihad without the blood curling threats & general sickness that is the chief nutrient of the bile belt? First the verbal threats, and below the much more serious weapons threats now facing the State of Israel.

Direct from the stellar Memri files:

Axis of Evil – Assmad with the typical 'wrath of Islam' around the world scenario

Iranian President Ahmadinejad's Threats: Israel's Invasion of Lebanon is an Encroachment Against the Islamic World

"If [Israel's supporters] do not revise their support for the regime or fail to topple it, they should know that this wrath [will] turn into a huge outburst, which [will] not be restricted to the region alone."(5) He said that "the Israeli invasion of Lebanon is an encroachment against [all] the nations in the region."(6)

Intelligence Minister threatens the Great Satan, America.

Iran Will Target All of America's Interests All Over the World

Iranian Intelligence Minister Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ezhei said on July 13 that "if America or any other country attacks Iran, it will be endangering its interests and its economic, political, and societal life." He added: "The same country that intends to attack Iran needs to know that it will pay an exorbitant price. America doesn't have the courage to take such an action against Iran, since in this event we will endanger all of its crucial interests. The geographical borders of our war against the Americans will not be limited just to American soil. To the contrary, we will target all of this country's interests all over the world."(7)

Defense Minister: If the Islamic World Undertakes Military Action, Israel Will Regret its Crimes

Iranian Defense Minister Mustafa Najar said that "the Islamic world sees America as responsible for Israel's crimes… America has turned the region into a flashpoint of war and conflict in order to secure Israel's security and to completely take over the oil resources.

He warned: "The continued bombing of Lebanon and the potential attack against Syria will not bring anything to the Zionist regime apart from damage and regret… Victory belongs to people who, in order to defend their religion and their homeland, stand, as oppressed men and with nothing but their bare hands, and face the regime that is equipped with nuclear weapons… In the event that the Islamic world undertakes a serious action, Israel will regret its crimes."(8)

Read More threats and Jihadi bile! Even better watch it on video, clips of Hezbollah's leader (going bananas as usual) are available buffet style, all you can stomach.

Update: Threats in the Iranian press, courtesy of Judeopundit.

Iranian Weapons Threats:
IDF aware of possible Zelzal Iranian Missile threat;
Tel-Aviv Northward told 'Be vigilant'.

Haaretz on IDF statements

Hezbollah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah may decide to use the longer range missiles in his movement's arsenal against Israel, according to Israel Defense Forces assessments.

IDF sources say that use of such weapons will depend on authorization from Iran, which has equipped Hezbollah with long-range missiles and has played a formative role in shaping the character of the current fighting. If the confrontation continues to escalate, as it appeared to have done Sunday, the chances that Nasrallah's organization will launch such missiles increases.

The army is concerned that Iranian-made Zelzal missiles, whose range is estimated to exceed 200 kilometers, may be used, thus allowing Hezbollah to target the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Intelligence information suggests that the organization has a limited number of these missiles. [...]

Info on the Zelzal-2 Iranian made missile.

Country: Iran
Class: SRBM
Basing: Road mobile
Payload: Single warhead
Warhead: HE
Propulsion: Single-stage solid
Status: Development

[...] There are no specific reports of a Zelzal-1, but the Zelzal-2 and Zelzal-3 imply its existence as a development program. In 1996, Iran tested the Zelzal-2 and then put the missile system up for sale. The Zelzal-2 is 8.32 m in length and 0.61 m in diameter, with a launch weight of 3,400 kg. It carries its 600 kg warhead to a maximum range of 200 km (124 miles). The Fateh A-110 (described separately) is believed to be a guided variant. In September 1999, Tehran displayed an unguided rocket known as the Zelzal-3. Its range is between 150 and 200 km (93 and 124 miels). [...]

Reports indicate that Iran has recently supplied Zelzal missiles to the militant Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon. According to Israeli press reports, in 2004 Hezbollah received 220 missiles from Iran, and the weapons have been stored in bunkers in three locations in the Bekaa Valley. adds detail, confirms some reports and offers up an Iranian mug shot.

Zelzal 2 Missile, Iranian -

[...] The Zelzal-2 is apparently a locally produced version of the Luna-M [NATO name FROG-7] missile with a launcher based on the MB LA-911 truck chassis. The 8.3 meter-long rocket has a range that is variously estimated at between 100km to 400km, though 200km is the most widely quoted estimate and 100km is the most likely estimate based on the performance of the Soviet missile. The Zelzal-2 is armed with a 600kg high-explosive warhead, and some suggest that it may be able to carry chemical and biological payloads.

It is possible that Zelzal-2 missiles were used against Iraqi terrorist training camps in 2001, and the Fateh A-110 is believed to be a guided variant.  In October 2002 it was reported that Iranian Zelzal-2 short-range ballistic missiles had been delivered to Iranian Revolutionary Guard units in the Beka'a Valley in Lebanon. Israelis sources frequently claim that long-range rockets have been transferred to Lebanon, including 240mm versions of the standard 122mm 'Katyusha' rocket, and Iranian Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets. Hizbullah typically refuses to confirm or deny such reports. However, in late October 2002 Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek, a senior Hizbullah official, hinted at the group's reach, saying that "all sensitive areas of the Zionist entity are within the range of our fire… wherever they exist".

I should like to add that these weapons are believed to exist, that does not mean they will be used by any means or are within Hezbollah's capability. Israel has faced off worse than these rockets Iran is arming terrorists with. To any sane observer, Iran would be risking all out war if they rolled out such missiles under a Hezbollah flag, as the games are up. This is sophistication well beyond even Hezbollah's widely supported abilities in Lebanon.

All sides of the conflict at the: Truth Laid Bear Mid-East crisis page

UPDATE: Israel today struck long range Zelzal launcher (YNET)

Army estimates ‘IAF jet seen crashing in Lebanon' was actually long-range Zelzal missile fired accidentally after warplanes struck launching device – Hanan Greenberg

IDF sources estimate Monday that the "downed Israel Air Force jet seen falling from Beirut's skies" was actually a Zelzal-type long-range missile, which is capable of reaching central Israel. According to army sources, the Air Force struck a missile launching device, and as a result one rocket was accidentally fired but landed nearby. [...]

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  • anon

    accidentally fired? how do we know it wasn’t on purpose?

    scary. go idf!

  • What is really bad? To lie about what Ahmadinejad said in reality. Nowadays it is pretty easy to get all the transcripts what Ahmadinejad said. Amazingly he never said a think like that about Israel – so please try to read and not like American news station making up some news. A group of Rabbis recently visited Iran and they had talks with high officals in Teheran, why don't you report about this events? Is it why you feel terribly guilty killing all these Lebanese people? Also there is a huge Jewish comunity living in Iran – guess what – they feel safe and nobody is threatening them. Even those captured Israelian soldiers – the cause of the current war – had been in violation of the border and astonishingly they were caught behing the Lebanese border. Coincidence? 

  • Guenter I suggest you come out of the big dream, that is in fact not from any american media outlet – Those are MEMRI translations, direct Arabic quotes from Iran.

    That group of Rabbi's are a fringe group of maniacs who deny Israel's right to exist, just becuase you found some looney tune Jews somewhere to support Iran's position - that in the eyes of crazed leftists justifies all, absurd frankly.

    Also, I suggest you start brushing up on facts because whomever is giving them to you is lying. Those soldiers were in ISRAEL on the ISRAELI side of the border, and every REAL media outlet on Earth, including the United Nations agrees on this fact so please stop wasting my time with these fantasies of yours. The UN, G8, and EVEN LEBANON all agree whom attacked whom and where they were. You are either amazingly naive, or simply harboring a seriously deranged agenda. Good day.

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