IDF – No Humanitarian Crisis, but Propaganda a plenty

YNET reports on the all too familiar victim-hood twist, Pallywood and the Palestinians are famous for their eternal victim-hood status. That is not to say things are a rosy paradise, just that the alarmist never ending statements by NGO's, the UN and those that have a political & FINANCIAL stake in artificially touting a humanitarian crisis are crying wolf time & again for the eager ears of the anti-Israel media.

No one is dying of starvation contrary to the image portrayed endlessly..

YNET – Palestinians often present exaggerated picture to advance their own interests, head of the Coordination and Liaison Administration, Colonel Nir Peres, tells Ynet. There is no danger of running out of flour, wheat, and other basic products, he says; fuel, dairy products and other basic necessities just delivered – Hanan Greenberg

There is neither hunger nor a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, head of the Coordination and Liaison Administration, Colonel Nir Peres, told Ynet on Tuesday. "There is nothing of the sort. Of course, the situation can't really be defined as good, but a lot is being done so that nothing is lacking there."

In the past few months, since Hamas' victory in Palestinian Authority elections and since the new government was established under Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, the situation in Gaza has steadily deteriorated. Government employees have not been paid, the transfer of goods in and out of the PA has been limited due to security threats, and reports of civilians suffering from hunger have proliferated.

Colonel Peres acknowledged that he was fully aware of the criticism, both in Israel and abroad, that Israel's offensive in Gaza was worsening the situation for Palestinian civilians, but he emphasized that Palestinians often present an exaggerated picture to advance their own interests. [...]

The article expounds more, worth reading.. I posted as much two days ago in: the EU Myth here at the hashmonean.

UPDATE: BBC plays up 'the crisis'

Reporting on how NGOs are now petitioning Israeli courts to allow supplies in, 'as if supplies are not allowed' in the first place, but the real initiative is revealed..

"Israel is required… by law to discern at all times between military and civilian targets, to avoid attacking obvious civilian targets such as power stations and to participate actively in supplying the basic needs of the civilian population," the petition says.

If Israel allows in goods via Israeli territory is that not active participation? Is Israel also not allowed to secure its borders like any other country, or do the Palestinians and their endless nanny state trump all other matters on the planet? And is Israel not constantly discerning between civilians & terrorists, if not where are the thousands of dead civilians common in most places where such efforts are not made? The double standards have only just begun..

Frequent closures are justified by Israel on security grounds – crossing points are the only place where Palestinian militants can get close enough to Israeli troops to launch guerrilla attacks.

You don't say? This may have a lot more to do with stopping Israeli defensive moves in Gaza, and tying Israel's hands and smearing the country. These NGOs are not impartial, they are openly Pro-Palestinian, its a big business this aid and lambasting Israel.

The BBC article talks of dire need, and a 'fuel crisis'

In passing mentioning how Hamas wants aid passed directly to them as these measures 'bypass the Hamas authority', and we get to the real crux. This is all part of the first new shipments the EU has authorized.. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid are due under the 'new terror safe quartet mechanism' – I wonder who is in more dire need, the cash strapped UN & NGO organizations who've been without their money train, or the Palestinians themselves?

CASH MONEY 'Aid allowances'

The article mentions how starting now cash payments, ACTUAL MONEY in the form of payments to PA workers is to begin <– the ONLY poor 'refugees' on EARTH who receive cash money welfare payments in this manner!? Have you ever heard of such a thing, foreign 'aid' in the form of paying salaries & cash money directly to people? The EU complicity in corruption is off the charts. Are starving children in Africa getting EU cash allowances? Nope.. Is Hamas told to recognize its elected responsibilities or face the ugly consequences? Who's 'starving' the Palestinians, Israel or Hamas the terrorist government?

The ideal situation would be to open the closed Rafah crossing so the EU can do such a good job of watching over the border to Egypt and allow the aid to pass sight unseen by Israel, where thousands of rockets and weapons and RPG's have apparently crossed over under the vigilant gaze of 'EU monitors', so that Hamas won't need to smuggle in cash, the EU can deliver it like clockwork.

At first the EU suggested paying the 'militants' salaries as well (the TERRORISTS!), before sheer outrage erupted, this more limited absurdity will suffice for now in EU lalaland..

The BBC claims on behalf of the NGOs that the main Israel / Gaza crossing was closed since this monday on security concerns and opens when possible to allow aid in, as has been the case.. Today is tuesday – Where's the crisis? The last report I read at the BBC on this same issue two days days ago claimed there was enough fuel to supply medical generators for two weeks, which is it.. A fuel crisis, dire need, or enough supply for two weeks with aid flowing as possible & appropriate, as has been the case?

EU suckers, paying salaried workers with EU tax monies

Seeing as aid has been flowing, and will continue to flow the answers are fairly obvious. My thanks to the EU tax payers, your money is being well spent! Get ready to fork over more please, the next 'crisis' to tap your wallet in endless support of this 'failed people by choice' is surely just around the bend. Not even electing a terrorist organization can come between your leaders and their perverted need to 'pay the Palestinian way' for eternity, now not with food or water which can be legitimate aid, but cold CASH!

The BILLIONS already stolen by the PA from Europe do not apply.. They sit in corruption bank accounts, while the Palestinians in EU dreams are 'starving to death', yeah.. Starving for your hard earned money! "There will never be peace", no kidding? As long as you keep paying them handfuls of cash to make war, it doesn't take an EU nobel laureate genius to figure out there will never be peace..

Is Hamas pressured to assume responsibility under this mythical elected government? No. The EU will assume the responsibility and prop up another funded in Europe terror organization. Arafat is dead, but still laughing at the EU tax payer all the way to the bank. Don't worry America, your tax money is surely next on the Palestinian Price is Right.