EU Myth: Palestinians want Peace

The latest polls show that a large majority of Palestinians aren't looking to Peace, instead they support:

  • Kassam Attacks on the Israeli population
  • Support Hamas' terrorist attack in Kerem Shalom, killing two soldiers, kidnapping one.

Haaretz: A sizable majority of Palestinians support the continued kidnappings of Israelis as well as persistent Qassam rocket fire as a means to pressure Israel to release Palestinian prisoners, according to a new poll commissioned by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center, the results of which were released Sunday.

Of the 1,197 respondents from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 66.8 percent expressed support for further kidnappings of Israeli civilians while 77.2 percent backed the Kerem Shalom tunnel operation and subsequent kidnapping of Israel Defense Forces Corporal Gilad Shalit.

Nonetheless, just 47.7 percent of those polled said they believed the Shalit affair would end positively for the Palestinian side. The poll also showed that 60 percent of the public supports the continued Qassam rocket fire into Israel as opposed to 36 percent who oppose.

Kind of makes the never ending excuses and nonsense that flows out of the likes of Javier Solana, Kofi Anan and the EU seems absurd. They can't seem to get enough of stating that peace is 'oh so close', that there are a few extremists on both sides, that there is a circle of violence.. The moral equivalence is spread thick. Wake up, or at least get objective for a change. The Palestinian society is bred on terror, loves terror, and supports it not only vocally, but with their own children as martyrs. The EU funds them, supports them, and fronts for them.

There is no interest in Peace which is why every single peace offer is always rejected by the Palestinians who have no interest in seeing two states and peaceful co-existence, just the myth of that in order to further the goal of destroying the State of Israel, the same goal & terror for decades now.

These numbers incidentally are not new, polls immediately after the major terror attack at Kerem Shalom showed the same, over 80% of Palestinians not supporting the release of the kidnapped soldier under ANY deal. Non of this will stop Solana and his friends, they will continue to blame Israel.. Kofi has released not one but two statements this weekend, he's in a self-induced humanity panic attack, meanwhile in Darfur..

UNWRA / NGOs – The never ending crisis that does not manifest anywhere but in the newspaper 

The UN will continue to belly about this crisis or that crisis for the Palestinians, if the UNWRA had no crisis, no puppet people to keep perpetually refugeed how many thousands of lazy bureaucrats would lose their jobs? Entire UN divisions would close down, payoffs kickbacks, salaries *poof!*

How many billions of dollars would stop flowing? The BIG spigot would turn off, we all saw the chaos & smelled the fear when funding to Hamas was to be cut, it will be the biggest humanitarian crisis of all time!!! I'm still waiting.. Oh the inhumanity!

You've got no electricity in 'Palestine'?

Well it sucks to be you, I'll say it again – speak to your 'democratically elected representative' like the rest of us.  You know what we need to solve this? A few more NGO suckheads to tell us all how 'desperate the Palestinian people are for peace'. Not desperate enough apparently..