Al Qaeda NYC accused bomb plotter recruited in Montreal – As usual

Quebec continues to feature prominently as one of the worst centers for terrorist basing, recruiting & financing in North America..

The man pegged as ringleader of an alleged terrorist plot to bomb tunnels in New York attended Concordia University in Montreal in the mid-1990s, the Canadian Press has learned.

And a Beirut TV station says Assem Hammoud was recruited into Al-Qa'ida in 1994 while the Lebanese national was studying in the city.

A source familiar with the case denied media reports that Hammoud, identified by the FBI as central figure in the scheme, held a valid Canadian passport.

The source told CP yesterday that neither the 31-year-old Hammoud nor his parents are Canadian citizens – meaning that if he did ever travel on a Canadian passport, the document was a fake.

Nor has Foreign Affairs received a request for assistance from Hammoud, as might be expected when a Canadian passport holder runs into trouble abroad. "He is not Canadian; therefore, he is not entitled to a Canadian passport," said the source. "He has no legal ties to Canada." [...] (Montreal, the Gazette)

Terror Capitol 

To Canada's credit, the newest administration appears to be taking a serious look and effort at tackling the problem after years and a decade of total neglect. However, the province of Quebec, one of the most anti American, most liberal and also the one in the most total denial still appears to be not all that concerned with the terrorism breeding within its borders.

The string of high profile terrorism related activity in the city and the province is undeniable.

Please see the following post here at the hashmonean for a look at the problem, and the circle of denials. Montreal: Welcome to the Terror Drome?

Vive le Quebec! Apparently, Quebec shares more with France than just being French.