Peretz – Fighting words

Defense Minister comments; (YNET)

"IDF soldiers and commanders are fighting while maintaining moral codes which no other army in the world would have maintained." [...]

"The terror organizations are operating from inside a population and are using it," Peretz added. "More than once our soldiers see a picture in which terrorists operate with RPG rockets and children protecting them. Our soldiers are doing everything to hurt the terrorists while considering the population." [...]

"We are not dealing anymore with the organization's address," Peretz clarified. "It's over. Hamas bears full responsibility."

According to Peretz, Israel embarked on the operation "with national and international legitimacy. Any intelligent person knows that we have tried everything in order to refrain from this confrontation, which is now being held as a no-choice confrontation."

"The achievements are remarkable. We lost a soldier and his friends continue to operate here in a bid to continue and complete the work they are required to do. We will do everything to take advantage of any diplomatic space in order to create further solutions.."

No detailed comment from me, I prefer to wait until after the operation is over, but I sincerely hope Mr Peretz is not in for 1/8th measures because the following realities (story below) also have an address for complaint, and it won't likely be the Hamas office they voice it too truthfully, it will probably be the Olmert / Peretz office.

The pre-occupation with international legitimacy as a driving / determining factor at such a high level in Israeli policy is one I still have not been able to fully wrangle. Israel will barely have 48 hours to act before that false cloak of so called 'legitimacy' quickly evaporates, and it will because it was never genuine in the first place.. Neither one might argue was the fascination and total all encompassing need for it either.

JPOST: Seven wounded in Kassam rocket strike on Sderot

UPDATE: Euro shocker! (Reuters)

The European Union accused Israel on Friday of a disproportionate use of force against Palestinians in Gaza and of making a humanitarian crisis there worse.

It was the first time the 25-nation bloc had made such a sharp criticism of the Jewish state in the crisis triggered by the abduction of an Israeli corporal from a border post by Palestinian Islamic militants on June 25.

Well that didn't take long, seems I overshot by about 20 hours.. I need to keep that in mind next time regarding European largess to  Jews' rights to defend themselves from not just a terrorist organization, but a terrorist government and frankly a people consumed by terrorism and hatreds. The only thing I see as being disproportionate is the actual brain matter contained in relation the EU's large heads. It's disproportionately small..

The "infamous never ending humanitarian crisis.." Did I mention the reports today how the PA refused Israel's offer to open the Karni crossing after terror alerts subsided there.. And allow more, already ample food & supplies in to Gaza?

We call that crisis management here, you know.. Managing the 'creation' of the fictional crisis.