IDF: Limited reserve call up, non combat support

Interesting developments in IDF operations, as it appears that the fighting is somewhat fiercer than had been anticipated.

Here's a pull together from a number of stories today to get a clearer picture. The IDF during the day released a few statements;

  • The amount of weapons that had been flowing into Gaza was even greater than previously thought, the border to Egypt virtually non existent. (So much for the vaunted State Department / EU deal and monitoring program. I commented at Elder of Ziyon this morning how every picture I see seems to contain a militant and his very own RPG. The amounts of anti tank weaponry appears somewhat insane..)
  • The diplomatic lull during the previous approx two weeks has allowed the terrorists ample time, the IDF spokespeople commented that the amount of explosives and traps etc they are facing is extremely high, as high as they've seen. Due to the treacherous nature of the terrorist enemy caution is being used.
  • The need to carefully pick among terrorists and the civilians callously being employed as shields is a factor in operations 
  • Progress in light of these factors and the non massive use of power the IDF is employing has been slower. Characterized by raid type of incursions as opposed to a full scale operational invasion and territory holding assault, the IDF has not met exact objectives according to the full schedule.
  • The nature of the IDF operations are meant to keep the enemy off balance.

In other words, evaluation has determined that some slight tweaking is in order. The massive Kassam firings the last 24 hours I'm sure have also played a factor. As a result, the IDF has issued a limited non combat (at this time) call up of certain reserves for 'increased depth purposes..' and it appears that a slight extension is in order.

At this stage only a small number of reserve soldiers, mainly from supporting, non-combat units, have been recruited. "Naturally, as the IDF is focusing its efforts on long-term fighting, we are in need of depth, and therefore we are calling all those who are needed to duty," an army official told Ynet. The reserve soldiers will initially serve for an 8-10 day period, but it may be extended according to the IDF's needs.

Debka adds that the military has turned to the political powers that be and asked, do you want us to smash these punks to pieces or not? Large amounts of terrorists have been killed or wounded, but the message does not appear to have registered, perhaps the message needs to be stronger and the ramifications for the terrorist organizations deeper..

  • When Chomat Magen was started (after the massacre in the hotel on Pesach) a lot of people from my yishuv were called up. So far noone has been for this operation, but maybe that will change soon.

  • I don't want to comment much personally during the ongoing operations.. But this strikes me as far from chomat magen, I think you agree. In defensive shield the IDF as we all know was not hesitant to clear, and keep clear areas.. This rapid stabbing notion, I hope it is effective.