Gay Parade in Holy City nixed? – Good

YNET – Gay parade leaves Jerusalem?

I have no problem with gay people, what one does in one own's life is their own business, make your peace with Gd, you don't need my blessings.

I do however have a problem with Gay people specifically inciting and mocking religion and the holiest city on Earth, Jerusalem for no other purpose than mockery, and that is exactly what this was about.

Cherished by all three great monotheistic religions, a city revered for its holyness, this is not the place to be making statements about gay lifestyle. Work, play, integrate in Jerusalem's society all wonderful. But be an extrovert for the sole purpose of making a mockery of thousands year old sanctity? I don't think so, march somewhere else.

It's not a place for transvestites, or transgendered, homosexuals or lesbians to mock and ridicule by cavorting around in a carnival atmosphere playing with their nipples and gyrating about as is unfortunately the case in the vast majority of these pride parades. If you want acceptance and respect, you first need to learn also how to respect others.

No one should deny gay people rights because they are gay in my opinion, but the right to act responsibly and also be cognizant of non gay people's feelings and sensitivities is part & parcel. You're proud? We are all very glad for you, be proud at home, not in Jerusalem's streets. This is also begging for Jihadist slaughter I might add, liable to bring a whole new meaning to the term 'flaming' in the gay community – moronic.