Big Joe roasts Lamont in TV debate

The word I'm reading is that Senator Joe Lieberman got the better of Ned Lamont last night in TV debates for the CT Democratic primaries.

Joe is an observant Jew, but that isn't why I like Joe.. He carries with him a certain respect for morality and doing the right thing, and that I do like, not the fashionable thing. He's also got a real instinct for foreign policy, intelligence reform, he's been vocally supportive of the military in the US and Iraq at a great price to himself personally.. I'm not a Democrat or a Liberal but I respect that, I respect good politicians deeply, Lamont has not earned any of my respect, Lamont is a puppet and the campaign on-line I've seen is a disgrace. 

BDS - Worse than the Bird Flu?

Joe is one of the only Democrats with REAL guts and convictions I've seen in a while, one that doesn't pander to the progressive mantras of progressiveness with no progress, mantras which frankly never deliver in reality or at the polls! The fact that he is so vilified by a crackpot base of bloggers who think they ACTUALLY control and effect the Democratic vote is astounding to me. How many losers in a row has KOS fronted any way!? The notion that they would offer Lieberman up as sacrifice at the altar of Bush Derangement Syndrome is beyond belief, the man has a stellar record it makes ZERO sense. He's one of the most respected men on the hill, it's reactionary nonsense. Why not have Hugo Chavez run in CT instead?

Here's to hoping this minority of mania, a 10% fringe in the US doesn't keep embarrassing your great nation, here's to hoping they don't continue ruining their party in the interests of healthy, responsible Government in the USA. Yes Joe is a Democrat with traditional values, it drives the most extreme leftists insane, but you know something? Most Democrats identify nicely with traditional values, just like everyone else.

VIDEO of the very honorable Senator Joe Lieberman at allahpundit / hotair.

Win or lose, please show them what real leadership is all about Mr. Lieberman.