True Colors: The left in Israel shows where it stands

Meretz Party tables no confidence motion.

Astounding, with the right & opposition remaining remarkably quiet in the face of what they see as absurd amounts of restraint for weeks and even months on end, giving the Olmert govt plenty of room with little if any official criticism, who comes out all high mighty to whine & yell the second things don't go exactly their way? The far left, Meretz-Yahad and Zahava Gal-On.


Faction Chairwoman MK Zahava Gal-On called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to reach attend the Knesset to answer questions on the operation such as its scope, time of ending, and how it is advancing the release of the kidnapped soldier and the ending of rocket attacks.

In the middle of the LIMITED operations which are much smaller than the Security Cabinet authorized, after weeks & months of failed lefty crap in the face of kassams, two weeks now of nowhere diplomacy after two IDF troops were killed, a civilian murdered and a third troop abducted.. Rockets hitting Ashkelon, Sderot in rapid fashion.

With IDF troops engaged IN fire, and calls by the PA for Palestinian Security forces (armed by ISRAEL) to 'fight off the aggressors and shoot the IDF' - the leader of Meretz, peace now morons extraordinaire, architects of Oslo failure, ralliers of disengagement dreams, have tabled a non confidence motion and called for the PM to head down to the Knesset and answer their claims!? While the entire right sits quietly as it should during a time of heightened stress.

Honor, love of country, meaningless. Only treason, double standards, and surrender is an option. Wow, take a good long look at Beilin, Zahava & Meretz – the clowns of Israel.

  • Oops. You forgot that The Left built the State of Israel. O, never mind. Reality has nothing to do with your consciousness.

  • Comparing old left like mapai to the shameful jackals that call themselves the far left of Israel today is not just a stretch, it's the twilight zone.

    Ben Gurion, tough as nails, more modern Golda the same, I could go on & on.. They did not advocate total surrender and they did not advocate weakness and near treason to the State of Israel on behalf of terrorists.

    I'd also mention that mapai may have been in power in the early years but your disregard for the many heroes & fighters of early Israel, many of whom consisted of the right also reflects modern left's penchant for selective revisionist history.

    The left today should stop clutching to a heritage which is not its own, and bears no resemblance whatsoever to today. Comparing Mapai to Meretz is a bad joke Tzvi. If you were anywhere near on target Meretz would have 95% of the vote like the days ol Labor old, not the 5% it contends with these days. No one is very impressed by the snake oil sales job, least of all apparently the Israeli electorate.

    Nice try though…