Canada continues responsible line in the Middle East

Stephen Harper, the relatively new conservative Prime Minister of Canada who is in Washington today meeting with President Bush, continues to hold a responsible line towards the Middle East.

Canada joined 10 other nations in flatly rejecting the anti Israel UN Human Rights Council resolution, pushed through the corrupt entity by Arab aligned nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. (Yahoo News)

Terry Cormier, Canada's representative on the 47-member council, said Canada voted against the resolution because it did not provide a balanced perspective on events in Gaza.

"This draft resolution focuses almost entirely on Israel while ignoring that party's legitimate security concerns," Cormier said.

"It also fails to acknowledge that the Palestinian Authority has a responsibility to prevent the constant firing of rockets into Israel, to resolve the present hostage-taking crisis and to prevent the recurrence of such criminal acts."

Five abstentions – Five members abstained from the vote, including Britain, France and Germany.

It is worth noting that the US has no seat or membership due to objections of the makeup of the council in general, where the planet's worst human rights abusers pass judgment on other nations while coasting away scott free..

Winds of change

This kind of moral clarity & candor is a refreshing change from the muddled mumblings of Canada's former Liberal administration under PM Paul Martin. Other examples of change include a closer relationship with the US, a commitment to the Afghan mission, and as mentioned a string of firm NO votes, not abstentions in regards to censuring Israel in the UN where balance was lacking.

One must give credit where credit is due, Harper is also enjoying widespread popularity in the Great White North to the shock of many Canadian pundits in the media & elsewhere.

Security Council resolution going nowhere fast

The article above mentions the following;

Also Thursday, Arab states presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council demanding Israel "immediately cease its aggression against the Palestinian civilian population."

The draft also condemns the military operation and demands Israel release members of the Hamas-led government who were detained last week. The United States and France said the resolution was not balanced and would not be voted on any time soon.

Swiss stand alone

Only the 'neutral' Swiss have vocally raised 'big objections' to Israel's defensive measures against the Terrorist group Hamas, citing some inane nonsense about collective punishment or crimes etc..

I didn't pay much attention because frankly, who cares? When you stand alone against Israel.. In the anti Israel bastion that is Europe - You know your nation has seriously screwed the Arabic pooch. If the Swiss get to claim neutrality, pretty soon that means I'll be considered neutral too!!

I'd wager the suddenly vocal Swiss reaction has a lot to do with kissing & making up with the despots, specifically the ones outraged over Israel being recognized in the Red Cross like EVERY other normal country on Earth, or some stupidity like that.