Bayefsky double-barrels the UN HRC

Anne Bayefsky is an AUTHORITY on the UN. I've always been blown away by her command of facts, stats and realities concerning this despotic institution when it comes to standards, double or otherwise and Israel!

I had the pleasure previously of once quickly corresponding with her by email which only reaffirmed my opinions of her knowledge, she's got a fantastic comment up at JPOST today regarding the so called UN's Human Rights Council: That same old bash-Israel agenda. Well worth your time..

You can also visit her website EYEontheUN and see what I mean first hand.

  • That doesn't surprised me at all. I had an internship at the UN last year, and from what I've heard and seen, the whole place is a sad excuse, a farce. Protecting freedoms? Please!

  • It is certainly a paragorn of virtue! United Nations only unites on a few things, bashing the US, Israel and turning a blind eye to the real garbage amongst the nations..