With thanks from saus the Hashmonean

I've been truly blessed the past week by a number of fine blogs linking here to the hashmonean as well as blogroll links  - out of this world! This is much appreciated by me, my gratitude to these bloggers, please check them out for HQ posts..

Euphoric Reality; thx for helping get the band rolling!
Kit & Heidi debut tonight on the all new Wide Awakes Radio..
(or next week apparently due to an overwhelming response, sheesh – we should all be so troubled lol!)

Mulishoon; Features some of my favorite targets with safeties off.

ConservaJew; I thought I was HardC! ; )

A Barbaric Yawp; Appears fresh, all barbarians most welcome! ; )

Mensa Barbie; New blog coming soon at MB, keep your eyes peeled.

Judeopundit; I've only just started exploring, looks great.

Elder of Ziyon; One of my original links, I might have an easier time passing the Senate vetting process ; ) (that's a joke)

The Truth Laid Bear; Had me on the big page for Gaza coverage, what can I say but thanks.. A LOT!

White Pebble; What a great looking blog Patti, thanks!

Assorted Babble; Thanks to Suzie's views for her link, and great coverage of issues near and dear to me.

Edit: I forgot a link or two known to me by no slight whatsoever..

I'm Haaretz Phd; and here's to wishing more students had such good blogs!

Akawaka; This one is en espagnol, and also newish. There's quite a bit of adult (xx) & nude content so be aware if that isn't your thing or you are offended by nudity et al.

  • Yawp!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rawk! Heh, heh, heh, you’ve heard of Biblical Zionism? I’d like to consider myself a Biblical Conservative of the Tanak variety. ;)

  • No complaints! Laughing

    a little tanach may be just what Amalek needs..

  • Baruch haShem to that.