Former Libs tell all?

This was just too good to pass up..

Ask any conservative (truly the hallmark of maturity, wisdom <– gotta piss off the Liberals a bit, it's my nature!) what one of his or her favorite things is, and it just might be watching a Liberal transform into a conservative. Like a worm into a butterfly, this is a beautiful evolution! (that's two shots).

Now of course post 9/11 this is not such a rare event, as having your Liberal delusions (that's 3 shots already, I'm getting warmed up here!) shredded before your eyes in manifest reality can be a heck of a shock to the system.

Not all 'converts' (that will piss 'em off as well – *ding*, do I hear four?) are subject to the 9/11 shock treatment, for many simply growing up, having families and realizing that traditional values and protecting those families, suddenly becomes a core driving force in the treacherous modern World. Bookworm, herself a now a member of the 'family' has a carnival up where people can share their own stories of the journey to conservatism.

Myself, I've always been the big business, big military budgets, and keep nosy busybodies (Govts, Unions etc) off my back jack type of guy. But the stories in this concise carnival are very appealing to me and a great read!

Check it out if you too like to revel in the joy of conservative victory (bada boom #5), or perhaps want to feel your liberal blood boil a bit! (gotta sting some.. 5.5?).

In any case, welcome conservatives one and all, old & young to the The First Crypto-Conservative/Neo-Conservative Carnival : )

For all you Liberals, all in good fun.. until election time that is ; )  (that's another rib / joke)