Someone’s hacking the JPOST poll

There's an interesting Poll Game going on at JPOST..

The poll started yesterday:
Are Olmert and Peretz handling the Gaza crisis adequately?

When I voted, there were I think about two thousand responses if I recall, and the results were 39% Yes vs about 61% No.

When I visited Jpost this morning, out of curiosity I checked the results (did not vote again clearly). There was then 11,000 responses and suddenly the poll was 96% Yes, 4% No – Ok!?

Quite a stunning reversal, my curiosity was piqued, but not as cute as this.. About an hour or so later I checked again while visiting the headlines, and now there are over 14,000 responses (3000 in an hour+!) and the results are 95% Yes, 5% No.

Meaning nearly everyone who voted is satisfied with Olmert / Peretz handling of the situation, including about 97% of the 3000+ voters in the last hour or so. For schizzle lol..

*Please note that our online polls are not scientific but offer our site users the chance to express their views about current issues in the news - Heh! You can say that again ;)

What kind of loser employs a bot to manipulate jpost online polls!?
UPDATE: LOL – This previous poll has been entirely reversed! Yesterday it was the exact opposite.

Should Israel trade prisoners for Gilad Shalit?
1 Yes 93%
2 No 7%
  • Just goes to show that there's not a lot of mileage to be had in relying on those online polls for information.

  • I noticed that also this morning – what a joke! I don't see how anyone can take it seriously.

  • Agreed, too bad that. There's always someone out there looking to ruin the fun, even if these polls are for informal gauging of the site's visitors..

  • MB

    Wow, you're right …FAct is,  it’s 2006 and those who agree with bargaining with Hamas Terrorists are likely to be less than 2%…. (Slightly lower than the Palestinian Poll of “5%”  ; )