Hamas Unveils Kassam-12 Guided Missile

Fearsome new weapon features increased payloads, state of the art guidance and a massive terror factor

Hamas Official – We will strike fear into the hearts of the occupying Zionist entity by the grace of Allah.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Hamas military wing on a PR introductory tour to see the new Kassam-12, and to see and meet first hand the fearsome new guidance system which the militants claimed had - 'already caused alarm within the Zionist enemy's generals'.

Developed over the last 4 years by Iran, the new missile has only recently made its debut in Khan Youni.. er I mean in a secret location in Gaza. Here is the story on this fascinating new weapon, which according to the militants may just yet turn the tide of the entire Jihad itself.

Hamas goes High-Tech, with innovative new 'guidance system'

Kassam 12: Named HAMAS-1 features 'live wire' guidance

While certainly the biggest and longest ranged Kassam rocket yet, this fearsome new weapon features an all new innovation, a first for rocketry and what the Hamas men are calling 'Live Wire' guidance.

Live 'Militant' strapped to the outside of the rocket

I spoke to a representative of the Hamas military wing, the Izz el-Din el-Qassam Brigades to get an insider glimpse into this terrifying new weapon..

Saus: Tell me about this new rocket, and its implications for the Jihad?

Hamas Brigade: Well, as you can see the occupiers are in for a few surprises. We have used the knowledge and perhaps one would say even the divine right of the Islamic Revolution itself! to bring a whole new level of thinking and technology to our Kassam cell forces. Even now as we speak many Martyrs are being strapped to Kassam 12s.. In order to prepare the rain of holy fires and death on the infidels of the Zionist entity, in shalah.

Saus: That is fearsome indeed, tell me about the holy warriors who guide the new Kassam-12?

Hamas Brigade: This Iranian invention, 'Live Wire' guidance is Allah's cold heart to the infidel itself exemplified! Each of our holy warriors is armed as you can see before being attached to the rocket. This enables them to fire with a machine gun on any civilians sighted on the way to the target, compounding the fear, terror and death of the infidel Women ten fold! Also, the rocket is much larger than any previous Kassam, we have the largest 'crude' rockets of any resistance thanks to Iran & Syria!

Groups of 500 Martyrs or more carry the missile to a suitable launching location, usually the home or backyard of a Palestinian peasant and prepare the guiding Martyr for his holy journey, Allah be blessed. This entails some ritual bathing, the delivering of a special pamphlet "Qom's Guide to Selecting Virgins in Paradise", as well as the arming of the 'Live Guidance System' for greater accuracy and strafing.

Saus: Impressive, so these Martyrs attached to the rocket actually increase accuracy by live guiding the weapon in mid flight?

Hamas Brigade: Not exactly, the Martyr cannot control the rocket, he is merely strapped to the weapon. But by the grace of Allah and the prayers of the occupied Palestinian people, these new Kassams will find their targets and fly true – deep into the heart of the infidels. We have tested the weapon, and let me just say that thousands of unknowing Palestinians were sent from the camps directly to paradise in these successful tests. Hundreds per rocket can be maimed and killed, it is truly the work of the great prophet manifesting himself here on earth!

Saus: I see, but what of the Israeli Arrow-2 anti ballistic missile system, are you concerned about the defensive capabilities of the Israelis?

Hamas Brigade: There are no 'Israelis', there are only Zionists. We do not recognize the existence of the infidels in Palestinian lands or around the world, as truly who could deny that all the lands of Allah's creation belong to Islam. But, in any case these primitive bows & arrows that you speak of, I have no knowledge of them but surely such an ancient device could not match the grip of Allah's hand on the hearts of the enemy itself. With the new Kassam-12, our holy warriors will bring great joy to the peoples and rain death on all whom oppose the will of the Jihad.

We have instructed the UN to make the Zionists pull back from the lands of great dates and sweet camel's milk in Gaza, in order to facilitate the movement of the 500 laborers / carriers and enable the launching of our new rockets. Kofi, the Norwegians & French tell me this is going well. So soon, we shall see the first of many victories for the Jihad – Allu Akhbar!

There you have it, the new and fearsome Kassam-12. Proof enough that the Jihad will not rest, and nor will us infidels..

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    Halbadri my friend – this is indeed a great success, but I think the implementation from 'photoshop' to deployment in the 'field' will take some work! Allah willing we'll get there. Of course that being a World War II era V2 rocket, success may indeed vary somewhat, but we must not let the infidels know – terror after all is our modus operandi!

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