1st Wave of debased insanity stopped cold

YNET – 2 Hamas Homicide Bombers and a 3rd gunman killed attempting to penetrate Israeli lines in the southern Strip where IDF forces are deployed near Dahaniya Airport

Thank all that is good, Golani Brigade Commander Colonel breaks it down;

"initially two terrorists were spotted 150 meters (490 feet) east of the Dahaniya airport, and soldiers opened fire at them. Another terrorist located nearby was shot at a later stage, and the company commander noticed explosive belts on two of the terrorists."

According to Yadai, IDF forces are continuing to move along the central Gaza road to control all movement from Gaza toward Egypt.

He said that part of the objective is to prevent the transfer of the kidnapped soldier (Gilad Shalit) to Egypt, adding that confrontations with terrorists are expected to increase as IDF forces move further into the Strip.

The Hamas and associated terrorist groups have recently pledged a human wave of suiciders to attack the IDF and Israel, to which I would respond simply.. Aim for the head.

  • Hit them hard and hit them frequently.

  • I'm glad to see that Israel is finally developing something approximating backbone.  Her defensive and moral war hasn't worked.  Now that she's given the Palestinians a land of their own, it's time for her to fight to win.