Livni pleased with her ass backwards foreign policy strategy

Dear Mr. Olmert, from one novice to another..

(Haaretz) The United States government has laid down three rules for the current Israel Defense Forces operation in the Gaza Strip, according to senior sources in Jerusalem: No harming Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas; no harming civilians and avoid damaging infrastructure.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni will brief the cabinet on the international situation. Livni has been providing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with daily updates and is in touch with the UN secretary-general, the coordinator of foreign policy in the European Union and the foreign ministers of Italy, Spain and Qatar.

Foreign Ministry officials expressed satisfaction over the weekend with the results of their efforts to obtain international legitimacy for Israel's operations. [...]

  • What operations? Arresting terror heads, something that should have been done the day after Hamas was elected?
  • Entering Gaza, territory from which Israel just left and has resulted in an attack on the country!?
  • The United States has laid out 3 rules!?
  • Israel is first seeking permission from Europe & outside nations to take legitimate defense actions!?

This government is picking apart Israel's sovereignty like a carrion bird. Olmert like everyone knew has succeeded in doing nothing much at all, Gilad is not released, Kassams fire away, not a single accomplishment has been achieved in a week now.

Lightning Strikes 

The only result is that now instead of Israel's traditional lightning strikes which are its secret recipe, the terrorists have prepared an ambush den for his troops. He will now be forced to order & execute the responsibilities he has shirked until now, sending them in to a much more difficult scenario than the one of last Sunday or Monday.

Does he or Livni think there will not be the EXACT SAME condemnation now when this happens as there would have been, My GD stop drinking the EU Kool Aid.

Debka reports on preparations by the enemy, and how stalling and dithering has allowed Hezbollah in the North to threaten as well. Maybe Livni should be the agriculture minister again, because this notion of foreign policy she has put in place of deferring to 3rd nations on matters of Israeli defense ought to land her a week in Israeli prison, for Olmert it might just land him a seat on the opposition bench.

US State Department does not dictate policy to the State of Israel

The next time Condi calls on the phone to lecture Israel on the rules of engagement regarding the rights of the Jewish people to defend themselves ask her to check with both Houses of Congress and see what they advise her on matters. They'll tell her to open a can of shut the hell up, and remind her of recent legislation passed in the United States over the course of the last 5 years regarding conduct pertaining to terrorist organizations.

What an embarrassment. It's one thing to consult, brief and strategize, a whole other matter to ask for or seemingly take marching orders.

The writing was on the wall: Olmert's key mistakes, Mr. Peretz.
(here, here, here, here, and here)

Now we are seeing the results of moving Shaul Mofaz out of the position of Defense Minister, an over 10 year defense veteran replaced by Charlie Brown, Linus, & Lucie and the terrible blow to Israel Sharon's coma has dealt.

US Policy Change 

Mr. President, did you authorize your State Department to run the State of Israel? The NY Times is busy committing treason leaking every state secret known to man, I want to see THAT memo!

The job of the Foreign Ministry is to explain Israel's positions and then gain support, not the other way around. A week later Israel is going to finally get off its ass, I'm praying the sheer folly of its top politicians does not mean a heavy heavy price.

UPDATE JPOST ANALYSIS – Crisis of confidence in Israel

Olmert has stalled because to act invalidates his entire election platform and his master disengagement plan. Worse, action invalidates his main and required coalition partner's platform: Labor, which may lead to the collapse of his government.

He's swimming without a paddle right now, Kadima needs a new plan and quick, the top Kadima men know it..

Top ranks in the IDF are furious with the Olmert Government, which is directionless. Polls show overwhelming public opinion: No confidence in Olmert / Peretz' abilities to handle the crisis - as evidenced this entire week. The JPOST article is in my opinion right on target.