Hamas – Peace Loving Jihadists

Hamas to target schools or infrastructure: The logic of the Hamas continues to confound..

"If they continue with these attacks we will strike similar targets in the Zionist Occupation which we have not targeted until now," said Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for the armed wing of the Palestinian militant movement. [...]

Of course, they have targeted such things before with abandon, but truth is not exactly of great concern to the Hamas. Israel has hit a power plant, normally the first target on any military list for obvious reason, and three roads, and some buildings at night with no people inside.. So there really have been no casualties from these strikes, innocent or otherwise.

Is one to understand from the Hamas that they will also target empty buildings when they say they will attack schools and other such infrastructure? Or is the implication to hit the innocent people located inside, on purpose?

"If the Occupation continues aggression and terrorism against our people … It will drag the region into a sea of blood and the consequences will be terrible. We still have many options"

Option 1 might be to stop launching rockets at Israel that left the Gaza strip a year ago, or here's a novel idea – Release the Soldier abducted, and perhaps not kill 2 soldiers like last week. Or to stop kidnapping civilians like Eliyahu who was murdered.

Or Maybe not call for the destruction of Israel in the name of Islam, that would an interesting option. Meet the very reasonable demands of the Quartet, or responsibly govern the Palestinians as they 'elected' Hamas to do, another option and this one is really whacky, maybe try and live in peace!?

So many options, but in the end the Hamas always opts for one thing. Justifying their holy war on Israel. At least they are consistent.

From the article – this odd shot..
Photo Reuters - Inpecting Haniyeh's office
Abbas inspecting Haniyeh's office gives his World Cup take.. 'Way to Go France!'