Embarrassing the BBC

For a few months now, I've noticed on the main page of Middle East coverage at the BBC, under the bright red right hand video / audio header a puff piece of Palestinian sympathizing video. Video that remained there day after day, and week after week.

It was not just absurdly sympathetic, lamenting the plight of poor slighted by Israel Palestinian 'teachers working for free' as the BBC termed it, photo and all.. But it was the only video feature on the WHOLE page.

Time for more 'uncoventional' action

We all know that writing the BBC accomplishes nil. Forget a reply, they I imagine delete this stuff on reception because frankly I've been writing them fair minded criticism for years now and have never even received a one word response. I decided (hat tip Atlas Shrugs for pointers to the blog) that I'd highlight this video bias publicly instead.

Please see this BBC Editors blog:
Response number 120 is me being my acerbic self, response number 121 within 2 hours is the BBC World Editor responding.

The video is now gone, replaced with nothing for the time being thankfully. We can make a difference for Israel in the realm of bias, that page and the propaganda piece was likely seen by hundreds of thousands if not easily a few million over the course of this video's endless stay.