Pulling Teeth

I'm posting sheer frustration and emotion already about a country I love so dearly..

Kit & Heidi are much cooler yesterday, with some of the finest posting of the day.

Is Israel Losing Its Nerve?.. Or was all this just a big show to begin with? Aaron Klein says it's the latter.

Israel Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman is saying what so many of us are thinking: Let's get the show on the road. Israel needs to step up the pressure, and do what needs to be done. [...]

Read the rest of the post at Euphoric Reality, it's a doosie.

In a utopian world, I shouldn't have to defer to anyone to get my feelings properly expressed. In my shallow defense, we shouldn't have to wait a week for Israel to do what needs to be done.

Kadima which means move forward, looks like Ahora (in Hebrew backwards) to me so far. This notion of asking permission of the World, of playing currently fashionable multilateral games with Israel's deterrence and security is not flying for me personally.

FM LivniStop working on World consensus because you will never get it, you will never be the good guy. Instead please start working on the tough 'we don't march to your tune when it comes to our defense' speeches that Israel will need this coming week.

The diplomacy, non escalation dream.. Is just that, this is HAMAS we're talking about.

The unbelievable of it all?

This trio of Olmert, Peretz and Livni if by some magic wand could manage to get Shalit back in one piece at this point via 'diplomacy', have already lost all initiative and would probably get zero credit or credibility. Hosni in Egypt would be lauded as a world wide hero!

They'd just be the latest leaders of what some Europeans have termed "that shitty little country." The notion that Israel needs to dither and explain before smashing into rocket launching cells, before popping Ismail Hanyeh's head like a watermelon, or toppling a terrorist organization no matter who or how it was elected is a whole new paradigm.

The Olmert Doctrine!