News round ups – 3rd victim now feared (UPD: Soldier safe)

Links from News services around the web (anti Israel / left leaning press at the bottom)

One more go: Israel giving Egypt's mediation a chance – JPOST

Al Aksa Martyrs claim 3rd Israeli kidnapped – Name IDF soldier

Worldnet Daily – Shmuel Haymen from the city of Holon, aged 23 is named
Soldier may be out of the country, not kidnapped. IDF investigating.
UPDATE: IDF investigation finds no basis for the claim - Ynet

Israeli Terror vicitims plead with Israel

YNET – Victims: Do not release Palestinian prisoners 

Hamas demands for 1000 prisoners in exchange for lone Israeli soldier.

Jerusalem Post

UN Security Council meets

JPOST – US intervention prevents Arab condemnation
YNET – New UN Human Rights Commission permanently singles out Israel

World anti Israel reactions, and the defense of Hamas

JPOST – France calls for release of Hamas MPs
AP via Yahoo News - Hamas Haniyeh defiant
Deranged left: Israel's war on Palestinian children (scoop indenpendent news)
Sinn Féin: Irish MP: Israel an "abhorrent and despicable" regime