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Special delivery please: Israel requests ‘Iran Busters’

A story that is liable to be twisted all around by the left in the press, but in reality is just the two allies conducting previous business.

Israel's aid from the US is not no strings attached. Much of it is contingent on being spent on joint military research or hardware from US companies, this directs aid right back into both economies. Some time ago, Israel requested a purchase of advanced guided bombs from the US, including a number of GBU-28's. The deal was initiated in Sept 2004, and subsequently approved by the US Congress. It should be noted that Israel can produce such advanced bombs and guidance systems and this request was a supplement.

Jewish Virtual Library: September 21-22, 2004 (Haaretz / JPOST)

The United States will sell Israel nearly 5,000 smart bombs in one of the largest weapons deals between the allies in years. The deal is valued at $319 million and was revealed in a Pentagon report made to the U.S. Congress a few weeks ago. Funding for the sale will come from U.S. military aid to Israel.

Among the bombs the air force will get are 500 one-ton bunker busters that can penetrate two-meter-thick cement walls; 2,500 regular one-ton bombs; 1,000 half-ton bombs; and 500 quarter-ton bombs. The bombs Israel is acquiring include airborne versions, guidance units, training bombs and detonators. They are guided by an existing Israeli satellite used by the military.

The sale will augment existing Israeli supplies of smart bombs. The Pentagon told Congress that the bombs are meant to maintain Israel's qualitative advantage, and advance U.S. strategic and tactical interests. [...]

'Iran Busters' 

The GBU-28 'Bunker Busters' first came into the spotlight in the 1991 Gulf War where two of them were initially dropped, since then they've been an effective part of the US roster. More were used in the spectacular first night of Shock & Awe during the liberation of Iraq. The sale raised comments from our little friends in Iran who viewed them as 'Iran Busters' (one can only wish).

NewsMax Wires – Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004

Iran said it will react "most severely" to any Israeli action against its nuclear facilities, issuing the warning after Israel said the United States was selling it 500 bunker buster bombs. [...]

"But be sure, any action by Israel certainly will be reacted by us, most severely," Kharrazi said after he met British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly's ministerial meeting.

The story originating in the NY Times is regarding Israels request for an expedited delivery of a portion of the order, understandable with the ordnance use the past 10 days. That request has been met, and the GBUs, as well as guidance add ons are on the way..

YNET: New York Times reports that Israel asked US delivers shipment of smart bombs under deal signed last year; Washington believes Israel has long list of targets in Lebanon requiring precision-guided missiles – Yitzhak Benhorin, Washington.

Washington – Smart bombs on the way: The Bush administration has complied with Israel's request for an expedited delivery of satellite and laser-guided bombs, the New York Times reported Saturday. [...]

Estimates are that Israel needs a large number of precision-guided bombs to bombard Hizbullah bunkers with little collateral damage.

Although the Pentagon refused to give details of the delivery, the newspaper said last year's agreement included 100 precision-guided bombs weighing two and a half tons each. The bombs are used to destroy underground concrete bunkers. Israel is eligible to purchase "bunker buster" bombs capable of penetrating underground Hizbullah bunkers. The bombs can be fitted on F-15 jets.

Sounds pretty reasonable, many thanks to the US & Congress for their previous foresight and clarity in these matters.

Here's a look at the larger end of any potential bombs, the big boy of the GBU family number 28. A photo courtesy of the USAF of an F15-E Strike Eagle deploying a GBU-28. Israel flies the F-15I Thunder, which is a strike eagle mounted with Israeli avionics like helmet mounted tracking sights. Also it should be stressed this is a conventional bomb, TNT.

F15 Strike Eagle and GBU-28 (Photo: USAF)
HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — An F-15E Strike Eagle deployed from the 492nd Fighter Squadron, Royal Air Force Lakenheath, England, releases a GBU-28 "Bunker Buster" laser-guided bomb. The 492nd deployed here for the Air-to-Ground Weapons System Evaluation Program mission commonly known as Combat Hammer. The GBU-28 was designed and first used during the Persian Gulf War in 1991 to destroy hardened targets such as bunkers and underground command centers. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Michael)

GBU-28 at

Conventional Bunker Busters – During the 1991 Gulf war, allied forces knew of several underground military bunkers in Iraq that were so well reinforced and so deeply buried that they were out of reach of existing munitions. The U.S. Air Force started an intense research and development process to create a new bunker-busting bomb to reach and destroy these bunkers. In just a few weeks, a prototype was created. This new bomb had the following features:

  • Its casing consists of an approximately 16-foot (5-meter) section of artillery barrel that is 14.5 inches (37 cm) in diameter. Artillery barrels are made of extremely strong hardened steel so that they can withstand the repeated blasts of artillery shells when they are fired.
  • Inside this steel casing is nearly 650 pounds (295 kg) of tritonal explosive. Tritonal is a mixture of TNT (80 percent) and aluminum powder (20 percent). The aluminum improves the brisance of the TNT — the speed at which the explosive develops its maximum pressure. The addition of aluminum makes tritonal about 18 percent more powerful than TNT alone.
  • Attached to the front of the barrel is a laser-guidance assembly. Either a spotter on the ground or in the bomber illuminates the target with a laser, and the bomb homes in on the illuminated spot. The guidance assembly steers the bomb with fins that are part of the assembly.
  • Attached to the end of the barrel are stationary fins that provide stability during flight

UPDATE: Blogging about the predictable left craze;

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Israel to the UN: It’s not going down like that

The members of the UN Dream Team got to brief Rice & the UN on their findings regarding hostilities in Lebanon, after having met Israeli, Lebanese, Egyptian, officials.

Israel's already firm intentions of seeing Hezbollah's rocket threat pushed back, and its soldiers released unconditionally have been backed up by soundly stiff terms:

No negotiations with Hezbollah on prisoners period, not through 3rd parties as well.


Israel told a visiting UN mission that it will not negotiate with Hezbollah through third parties, as in the past, for the release of its captured soldiers, a UN envoy told the Security Council on Friday. [...]

Nambiar, head of the three-man UN team dispatched to the region last weekend by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, said it was clear from their talks with Israeli and Lebanese leaders that there were serious obstacles to achievement of a formal cease-fire agreement anytime soon. [...]

He said a political package able to pave the way for a durable cease-fire would have to end the Hezbollah threat against Israel while ensuring full respect by all Lebanese parties and neighbors of Lebanon's sovereignty. [...]

With Israeli ground troops operating in limited border clearing across the border, but massed to enable much more as necessary, Israel seems ready to back up those words. Israel has stressed no desire to occupy Lebanon, only to clear the Hezbollah threats and end the daily barrage of rockets attacking Israel.

Haaretz: Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz told reporters in Tel Aviv on Friday that any military incursion into Lebanon will be limited in scope.

"We will fight terror wherever it is because if we do not fight it, it will fight us. If we don't reach it, it will reach us," Halutz said in a nationally televised news conference. "We will also conduct limited ground operations as much as needed in order to harm the terror that harms us." When the army presented its plans for an operation in Lebanon, the timeframe that it provided was one of "weeks".

"It takes time to hit at terror," Halutz said.

"The restraint which we showed over the course of years is interpreted by those among the terrorists as weakness," the army chief said. "On this count, they made a horrible mistake by assuming that we would persist in holding back and restraining ourselves. Our duty as an army was – and we did as such – to recommend a halt to this development, which stems from a sense of us not having an answer." Halutz said that close to 100 Hezbollah gunmen have been killed over the course of the IDF offensive. [...]

Secretary Rice explained her vision for talks when she arrives in the mid east theatre this weekend.

JPOST: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, heading for a weekend trip to the troubled Middle East, said she would work with allies in the region to help create conditions for "stability and lasting peace." She ruled out a quick cease-fire as a "false promise" and defended her decision not to talk to officials from Hizbullah or Syria.

It is a strong diplomatic line and in my opinion quite justified. Kofi Annan in interviews today stressed the common elements of his UN plan to Rice's vision, that's a rosy take to say the least. The UN will have a heck of a time getting a credible force in to enforce a cease fire of any sorts on Hezbollah. Annan was obssesive about stopping fighting for humanitarian purposes, not really mentioning Israel's population also dispossesed by Terrorism at all.

Personally, I think Israel will operate as necessary for at least two weeks or more, until it sees substantial progress on its goals. And after that, I have a feeling that the only acceptable & credible mandated force for the area can be NATO controlled, a serious contingent at that.

YNET: 1800 targets 

Whatever the case may be, difficult and tense days as the IDF works ceaselessly in the air and on the ground. Godspeed.


Links to all sides of the conflict: Truth Laid Bear

Lebanon in Crisis: Over 100,000 civilians killed

Does that number seem outrageous to you? 

It should not, it's from official tallies of Lebanese slaughter in Lebanon's recent civil war ending in the 90's.

What is however outrageous is the world reaction to Israel's self defense from terrorists in a supposed 'Global War on Terror'. One where some 200 people are now dead, only one of them being a Hezbollah member 'according' to Lebanon.

Dare to compare? In fact I do dare, any day of the week

Were the French rushing to solve that conflict in Lebanon? Were the Guardian & the Independent hyper ventilating? What about Reuters or CNN? Did the Secretary General of the UN trip over his own feet trying to impose 'peace', or was he content to let maybe another 50,000 be slaughtered and then maybe re-evaluate.. In a few years?

I'd call all this a double standard but unfortunately my blog doesn't handle the exponents needed to measure the gravity of this "exponential standard" against Jews & Israel.

In Lebanon's civil war civilians WERE targeted, that might explain the mind numbing numbers killed. In this recent conflict with I repeat ONLY ONE dead Hezbollah member 'according to Lebanon', and the rest now killed (250 people, compared to about 150,000) all 'civilians', how exactly do we explain the media, official statements by Lebanese leaders, pundits, leftists – that Israel is targeting civilians!?

How do we explain the fact that the UN's top dog for human rights, Madame Arbour has scathingly come forward to state that Israel may be liable for war crime prosecutions!?.. It's mind boggling really.

Over 3000 bombing sorties

What is considered among, if not the most technologically advanced army in the World, one that takes every measure humanly possible to avoid civilian casualties let alone target them, in over 2000 bombing runs, with 24 hour pin point shelling from Artillery batteries, for 9 days now has seen under 300 dead, the number of Hezbollah in that number unknown.

As a good friend pointed out, nearly double that amount of confirmed innocents were wiped out in a Tsunami this week, did you hear a word about it!? Did the UN convene any special councils, where was Madame Arbour, I must have missed her humanitarian press conference in the 24 hour coverage.

In light of that 'double' standard where Jews are vilified for being amongst the most careful, humane people on the planet while fighting TERRORISTS & savages who pack weapons with ball bearings to murder little children eating ice cream..

I can only wonder for those that couch their statements in condemnation, or yell about slaughters and humanitarian disasters, the anti-zionists, supposedly 'progressives' and those that ally themselves with dictators, Jihadists, tyrants and bald faced lying Arab leaders..

How do you live with your shame?

Knowing everything you preach is basically lies and hatreds. I ask because the conscience of those on the other side, living here in "reality" is not only clean, it's calling to step up the assault and utterly hammer Hezbollah right back to hell where it belongs.

The fighting can end today, right now. Hezbollah is responsible for destroying Lebanon. We all know it, how come only some of us are saying it.. Disproportianate self defense, war crimes, will the anti Israel marvels ever cease? The latest Lebanese allegation making the rumor mill is chemical weapons being used on them. What a joke, one war crime allegation deserves another I guess. 


In light of everything above, in light of the fact that Hezbollah puts its offices in apartment buildings surrounded by human shields like the terrorists they are.. I can only marvel despite the fact that every life is precious, how light the casualties in this war have been. Compared to that one previous conflict in the region, about 99,700 souls lighter to be precise, going by the 'Lebanese' numbers of course.

Gillerman: Word 'terror' not mentioned once in UN Annan's speech

Update links
Define Genocide: Soccer Dad hammers the propagandists, I should have known he'd be outraged over these farces too.

LGF on the CAIR case – What does CAIR / care about?

"We need to know whether any of our nation's citizens or permanent residents were harmed by Israeli attacks using American taxpayer-supplied weapons," CAIR executive director Nihad Awad said in a statement.

Excellent updates: On Israel, and Jewish bloggers covering the situation, or at the truth Laid Bear which is also highlighting the other side.

HEZBOLLAH: Engine of Death

Ambassador to the UN Gillerman, (who along with a number of other Israeli spokesmen deserve medals of Honor) characterized Hezbollah as an "Engine of Death".

He's absolutely right, Hezbollah is a radical Islamist terrorist organization, the most built up terrorist group in the World in fact.

  1. Hezbollah dwarfs Al Qaeda in scale, both in terms of sheer size, capability, & resources.
  2. Hezbollah was striking international targets from its very inception in 1982 as a proxy for Iran in Lebanon.
  3. Hezbollah's terror chief Imad Muginyeh has been on the FBI most wanted list for decades now, he's also wanted across Europe and Israel.
  4. Hezbollah's leader Nassrallah is no less coveted by Israel, the target himself of a decapitation attempt last night with heavy duty ordinance.

Israel having committed itself to self defense of the nation now needs to secure some victories having entered the mid phase of this campaign. But what are those victory conditions and are are they attainable?

Operational Goals in Lebanon

  • Secure the return of 3 Israeli soldiers (1 with Hamas)
  • Elimination of the rocket threat on Israel
  • Disarming of Hezbollah, and implementation of security council resolution 1559

Each of these goals cannot be met militarily, they require sustainability that can only be put in place with diplomatic resolution. Having said that no diplomatic resolution is possible without first using military force to prepare the ground. Hezbollah is as stated an Islamic terrorist organization, they won't just give up.. They prefer martyrdom, no matter what Hezbollah must be severely weakened to the point where its state sponsors view any continuation as a strategic threat to their proxy.

The air campaign has been running around the clock with great credit. Israel is claiming that about 50% of Hezbollah's operational capability is destroyed, that seems like a positive estimate. That or the IDF is doing a very poor job in getting out the PR on these matters because Hezbollah does not appear on the surface all that beat up. A reality is dawning, and it is one that became very clear this past year in regards to the Gaza strip..

Air Power alone will not secure the military objective aspects of Israel's goals

In Gaza, Israel has been fighting for a month now with combined ground & air forces simply because after a year of air operations alone despite the effectiveness and enhanced abilities of the air force, unless Israel gets it hands somewhat dirty the gains are nearly impossible to maintain. Israel's initial forays into border areas yesterday only to meet surprise Hezbollah terrorists and bunker networks is not a good thing 8 days in. The IDF needs to step it up, chalk up some gains, and start touting them loudly.

Two soldiers were killed in that border ambush (both 21) and that is only the initial fighting, it will get worse in that terrible column before it gets better. But unless Israel starts committing some more serious assets, the casualties will only be that much higher. The IDF has warned again with flyers for south Lebanese to leave the area, those warnings have gone out multiple times and it is now 8 days in, it's time to turn 2 or 3 KMs from the border into an artillery wasteland and pander a little less to the media reports about civilians & harming them. There's no civilian still sitting a kilometer from the border after 8 days of fighting.. Only Hezbollah.

With Gaza progressing very slowly, the West Bank now shut tight due to terror threats and the Lebanon front Israel has plenty on the plate and is at war. In one of these theatres an advance of some sort is needed. These very small stabbing insertions by small groups of soldiers are not enough it appears to me, you want to stab that's fine. But please start using some bigger knives.

Baghdad Bob 

I'd like to most of all see that engine seize up and die, but it won't just do so on its own. I hate to be blunt & brutal, but a lot more killing of Hezbollah needs to be done then we've seen this past week in my opinion, together with some serious work on the numbers coming out of Lebanon which are unreal, 300 civilians killed, not a single Hezbollah member? Who's releasing these figures, Baghdad Bob!?

Halutz: Long War (YNET)
UPDATE: An aerial war (haaretz)

Excellent updates: On Israel, and Jewish bloggers covering the situation, or at the truth Laid Bear which is also highlighting the other side.

All Hail the Bureaucrats

The Big UN Idea men are coming, hide the children.

There's a bigger danger to Israel out there than Hezbollah. The Hezbollah apologists, those that cannot differentiate between action & reaction and for whom there is only equivalence.. They are already well on the prowl.

Calls for 'immediate cease fire' ring out due to the 'humanitarian issues'. Let me thank those humanitarians for their serious concern for the Israel public locked down in shelters, almost a million strong forced from their homes by Hezbollah, refugees.. While they are suffering, they have also expressed the will & desire for the IDF to deal with Hezbollah, so the Big Idea men can take it easy for now – Thanks a lot for any concern though.

The UN Humanitarian Dream Team is suited up:
Key words – Multilateralists, appeasers

  • Kofi Annan – UN Secretary General
  • Terje Larson – UN 'special representative'
  • Romano Prodi – Prime Minister of Italy, former President of the EU Commission
  • Javier Solana – Mr. EU, European Union Minister for Foreign Affairs, amongst a trillion other things.

Kofi & Solana are cooking up the usual mid-east gumbo, hey if it doesn't work why not try it and try it again! Both of these men as a matter of every routine; insert themselves representing the almost homogeneous UN / EU view on all matters concerning the Middle East, most especially the Palestinians. Ariel Sharon for a long while simply refused to meet Javier Solana, seeing him as far from a friend of Israel. Israel's raw deal in the UN and views of Annan are well known.

Solana & Kofi at UN / EU Lebanon international action press conference
Annan said Monday any international stabilization force that is put together for Lebanon must be 'considerably' larger and better armed than the U.N.'s current force of about 2,000 soldiers. - (AP Photo/Yves Logghe)

'The Use of Farce'

Everything should be debated, delayed ad-nauseum with force or action an absolute last resort, but never really an option, since everything invariably involves the greatest amount of countries possible, all needed in full consensus regardless of the position, but found in the expression of section C: of chapter Z, on document number 8465387.. UNLESS of course it involves the USA or Israel, in which case either or both are always wrong and any or all action or force is immediately warranted because great crimes are being committed, or at least they may be perceived as such on the mythical 'Arab Street'.

There is no Jihad, terrorists are militants, conflict is all about occupation, even when occupation is over. 'Israel bad' etc etc is always a good starting point, and we can work from there.. Let's call them 'honest brokers'.

The Kofi / Solana Plan:
More UNIFIL troops, to add to the 2000 already there for 20 years now, but with a 'new mandate'. That's right, throw a gallon or two of paint on that old chevy and she'll be as good as new!

Solana statement; Yahoo News

Separately, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said he was planning a peace mission to the Middle East. "The European Union is greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel," according to a statement issued by Finland, which holds the EU's rotating presidency. "The presidency deplores the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. The imposition of an air and sea blockade on Lebanon cannot be justified."

In the EU's strongest comment on the escalating violence, the statement said "actions, which are contrary to international humanitarian law, can only aggravate the vicious circle of violence and retribution, and cannot serve anyone's legitimate security interests." It called for the immediate release of the Israeli soldiers, and urged "all countries in the region to work for the restoration of calm in order to avoid the further escalation of the situation into war."

Solana said he was in "permanent contact" with players in the region and with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan. "Following these contacts, I envisage going to the region," he said in a statement. EU diplomats said it was unclear when Solana would leave, but it could be before Monday's meeting of European foreign ministers in Brussels.

Solana, dream team captain is envisioning his now second trip there to the region in under a week, there's big work to do there as great crimes.. to quote: "actions, which are contrary to international humanitarian law" as defined by the EU chief himself and Kofi, are taking place. Don't need the security council or any of that nonsense, the priority now is to tie up Israel as quickly as can be.

Big Plans

Assert 'UN control', put in place more UNIFIL type troops that have never once stopped a terrorist attack in 20 years now, will not in reality now be mandated to do so, will never engage & fire on terrorists, who are we kidding!?.. But merely in the end observe them in action. This is of course the absolute best way to get those UN Human shields in place protecting hizbullah and I mean faster than you can say Solana fast! Israel will not be able to engage Hezbollah in self defense or otherwise as Israel will be penalized for daring to break 'UN international made up law', while Hezbollah is free to do whatever it damn well pleases. The typical UN slap job, enforcing the peace on the Democracy in the area tying its hands while the terrorist War rages on.

Conditions met? Zero.

Of course, this will not in any way establish:

  • Lebanese government sovereignty over south Hezbollah Lebanon.
  • Disarm Hezbollah.
  • Nor will it prevent hezbollah rocket fire at Israel.
  • Won't even get the absolute minimum which is the return of Israel's soldiers.

Neither Israel's concerns, the G8's concerns, the entire UN's concerns regarding resolution 1559 are covered but this is after all a Solana & Kofi plan. Get a cease fire in place that stops Israeli fire, but allows for terrorists to operate as usual, very effective! How to go about this difficult task? Cease fire, and prisoner releases where upon Israel should negotiate with Hezbollah!

Livni's statement seems far from those points.
Yahoo News – JERUSALEM

Israel would be ready to call a cease-fire with Hezbollah if its captured soldiers are returned, the Lebanese army deploys along the countries' shared border and the future disarmament of the militia can be guaranteed, the foreign minister said Tuesday. [...]

Worked 'very well' the last 50 times this schlock was tried.. 

Will this stinker smell like the EU scheme cooked up for the Egypt Gaza Rafah border? Israel was removed from the security picture on EU insistence to satisfy Palestinian pride of controlling their own borders.. Resulting in about a billion RPG rockets coming through to arm Hamas & Islamic Jihad. Nice one! Condi came through personally upon EU request to ram this down Israel's throat, less than six months later there is open war in Gaza and the place is being bombed endlessly. Result, Hamas is so armed & entrenched there it has become Hamastan.

Condi doesn't want to rush to the region

Report: Rice will visit Israel on Sunday or Monday

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to arrive for a visit to Israel and other Middle Eastern states on Sunday or Monday. Sources in Washington told Ynet that rice is not planning on demanding a ceasefire. (Yitzhak Ben-Horin, Washington)

Maybe Condi should indeed please stay home for a while because any trip she makes will invariably end up in her being pressured by Solana & CO. into breaking Israel's arm to agree to something that will fail miserably. The hard left in the US, the EU, the UN are all already pushing her to the region as if she can magically stop terrorists and the resulting war, she has quietly stated she is not interested in necessarily squandering her diplomacy cards on futile efforts. But the EU and its adoring world press will soon issue idiocy articles titled 'Israel cannot offend Rice's pride' advocating capitulation to the terrorists and cease fires, yammering on about the Secretary not being able to 'come home without a deal', manufacturing reality and labeling it news.

Terje Larson & the Team

  • The rest of the UN team is also stellar. Larson was a key figure in facilitating the Oslo Accords, we all know how great that whole 'peace experiment' turned out. Civilian death rates have only sky rocketed on both sides since that great plan came to being.
    He was then the 'special UN envoy' to the PLO. His own personal (I would add somewhat sexual) infatuation with Arafat was somewhat nauseating. But his credibility disappeared entirely when he was 1st on the scene in Jenin to declare mass death & massacres, reporting on Live TV representing the UN that the stench of the human massacre was 'unbearable'. The only real problem of course with that was UN investigations turned up no massacres, no genocides making Terje pretty much persona non grata in Israel, nice knowing you. Fine man for the job, another 'honest broker' to fill out the roster.

U.N. envoy Terje Roed-Larsen, left, talks to U.N. Secretary General national security adviser Vijay Namibar, right, at the Arab League's headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday July,15 2006
Dream Team representative Terje Larsen on his way to Beirut:
'Ok, I say we start the cease-fire right over there..'

Romano Prodi

  • Now leading Italy by winning about 10 more votes from his nemesis Berlusconi in the recent Italian elections, Prodi is always eager for the international flair of EU diplomatic horse hockey being a former EU power player, impossible to resist really. He's already conveyed Israel's terms to Hezbollah upon Israel's invitation, so If Hezbollah trusts him you know he's an 'honest broker' too.

This dream team of players will, along with the vast majority of the media fed by Reuters, the AFP and AP be singing a dangerous song for Israel. Israel's position is no cease fire until the basic elements of its position are met, not the insertion of UN cheerleaders to observe matters and negotiate with the terrorists. Israel will have a 3rd front open now to fight, this one determines victory or defeat in the other two, so it better be ready to fight and win. It has already begun, and in the usual suspects..

UK GUARDIAN - United States to Israel: you have one more week to blast Hizbullah


Can't you just feel the UN madness?

On UNIFILthe 2000 peace keepers in South Lebanon for eons now just 'observing' the terrorists..

UNIFIL was created in 1978 to confirm Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon, restore the international peace and security, and help the Lebanese Government restore its effective authority in the area. (Good job, pack it up boys!)

On UNRWA – The Humanitarian UN division setup to deal with Palestinian humanitarian issues, the Palestinians are the only refugees on earth with entire UN agencies & divisions dedicated to them. This one, the largest on the planet or in its history was established in 1949! and is ever expanding now in 2006, dealing with the original 'refugees' great grandchildren I guess?

UNRWA's General Assembly-approved cash budget for 2006 is US$ 470.9 million. This funds the Agency's ongoing Education, Health and Relief and Social Services activities. As of June 2006, contributions pledged to this cash budget by UN and donors total US$ 341.1 million. An additional US$ 150.4 million has been budgeted for projects and US$17.6 million for in-kind donations. 

Another fine fine job settling these pawns, er I meant people. UN solutions baby, only way to ride..
This is what we need, maybe another agency for these Lebanon Hezbollah refugees. Of course they are really mostly upset unsettled Palestinian refugees not allowed status, jobs, professions or land ownership in where else? Lebanon of course, where they fight the good Jihad against Israel.

UPDATE: Imagine … a world without the UNRWA – Boker Tov Boulder.

Daled Amos has more great background on the UN teams, and their complicity / whitewashing of terrorism.
Will the UN Protect Hizbollah Kidnappers–Again? – Daled Amos, (H/T Soccerdad)


What we need here ladies & gentleman is a pronto failed UN solution, to patch the UN failed plan, which has been in effect for 60 years now, but that will have a whole NEW Kofi Solana mandate, so that's exciting. I'm excited, are you excited? I can feel the excitement. You know what, on second thought the Israeli plan of blasting the Hezbollah terrorists to high hell sounds better.

Excellent updates: On Israel, and Jewish bloggers covering the situation, or at the truth Laid Bear which is also highlighting the other side.

Important Info: Daled Amos on a Magen David Adom appeal, this is a super way to support Israel, saving lives.

Big crops of links: and good stuff at Conservajew.

The Cedar Revolution

Syria & Iran may be considered the political military powers behind Hezbollah, but Israel can clean both those countries clocks militarily. There's a much greater enemy now converging on the Jewish State this week, I'd like to post about that in part II. For now, I'm wondering about the primer and the great "Cedar Revolution" that never was.

Disproportionate force – 125 Rockets today alone. 

One thing does not become clear staring at the endless looping network footage of some blown out buildings in Beirut, and that is the fact that a very small percentage of Israel's force is being brought to bear on Lebanon, a sliver of capability. If Israel were to act in Lebanon with even a fraction of its capabilities the world would learn quickly the meaning of the word disproportionate.

When we talk of restraint or the need for it, the Lebanese people imho should get down on their knees and thank the State of Israel for being so understanding. The people of Lebanon through their complicity & inaction in the face of an internal terrorist entity have brought this fighting to Lebanon, no one else.

It does not matter who funds or pulls strings, no one is responsible but Lebanon, no will pay the price but Lebanon. Please don't talk to me of bridges & an airport, or Syrians for that matter. I could care less about Lebanese bridges, do the Lebanese sit around worrying about whether or not Israel has sufficient monies budgeted to public transportation or road building!? The Lebanese cannot even bother to offer up a cold peace to Israel, the option of live & let live..

No they prefer to sit on their asses, breeding Islamism, hatred and war for 58 years within, cutting up their own in savagery not often witnessed this past century while blaming the most convenient scapegoat, Israel. Poor Lebanon, the jewel of the Middle East, not even apparently capable of the simple act of polishing it for routine maintenance. Well Israel left six years ago, Syria was forced out last year. Now to face your failures you will have to look directly in the mirror.

To the Lebanese reading here, and there are plenty..
Here's a news flash, I don't give a crap about Lebanon, that's your job.

This convenient glaring eye at Syria or Iran is nonsense, no one will be accountable in Iran or Syria. It is enough with the diplomatic delusions, the international community has run out of pairs of underwear after pissing itself so many times in the grand effort of staring down tyranny of late. Those leaders, those days of storming beaches to fight for what is right are gone. Words like Gd & country, the American way are totally foreign, more liable to lead to a lawsuit than a GI recruit. America and the values it represents are itself under siege & Javier and his cronies are leading the assault, do they expect me to care for what they say after mucking up everything they come near like a plague of appeasing poison? I do not, should you?

Today we have only a small glimmer left, it's called national responsibility. Israel, countries like America are beacons of light in this last regard and it is time the EU, the UN, the Lebanese, and the Palestinians get wiser because clearly patience has worn thin in many with their endless excuses and their cultures of martyrdom & death. These are pathetic ideologies, ones the Arab World & Islam through their endless silence and thus tacit support have allowed to overshadow all else, including their own entire religion, and countries whole.

The real Arab humiliation has nothing to do with Israel

You feel humiliation, you feel shame? You're damn right you do, it won't be ending soon. It has nothing to do with Israel, it is the shame of your own failings given opportunity after opportunity to prosper. Is Lebanon breaking the spell of Arabic Islamic failure now? Seizing the opportunity to take on a weakened Hezbollah, build a real Lebanon.. Or are they taking a page yet again from the World's gold medal winning failures on the 1st front, the Palestinians? Take it from me the Jew, you claim victim-hood and you will remain an eternal victim.

I'm not impressed, even less so by the more pitiful amongst us & the double standard by which many of the 'enlightened' west measure this failure. Not as a conscious submission to hatreds and ideologies, not with an eye towards realities or facts & history, but as a group of mentally deficient basket cases requiring endless diaper changing. The Ultimate EU Nanny States! Send in Norwegians, Indians or Canadians, that will solve the problem, it never has to date but this time appeasing the culture of total failure will work, I promise! 

Send more envoys, more aid, more meetings, more security councils, more media talking morons, more UNIFILS, UNWRAs, more world courts, more more more, more Israel vilification, more academics, more socialists, more nihilists, more relativists, what we need is more dreamers.. But in the end we see what will bring real resolution, we see what will enforce the UN resolutions, enforce the border, free Lebanon for a change. The Arabs are apparently from my own unofficial glance at history, totally incapable of liberation like other peoples, they MUST BE LIBERATED. Therein lies the heart and truth of Muslim humiliation. It is enough burning Israeli & American flags at the altar of a perverted Islam, the only flags your fellow morons are burning are your own!

More Bombs, less talk.

Bombs until every Lebanese person, Christian, Muslim, Sunni, Shia, French, Canadian, American, patriot, ex-patriot, Hezbollah, smezbollah (I could care less) take national responsibility, or alternatively cease to be a nation. Patrol your borders, or have them patrolled for you by the IDF. Israeli soldiers have been taken in your name. Return them at once, rockets have been fired at Israel in your name, dismantle their bases and launchers at once.

These are not threats, these are not corrupted futile UN programs, these are realities. Hizbullah must be disarmed, or Israel must be prepared to destroy Hizbullah. Lebanon and Lebanese civilians are in the way I am told by my media. My answer is simple, if within Lebanon there is an Islamist terrorist organization with its own mini state, in the government, controlling its borders, launching war on surrounding states in its name.. then there is NO Lebanon.

I am a great egalitarian, the exact same national responsibility lies with Israel. If the country cannot stare down the pressure of 3rd parties, cannot act as it deems necessary to act then there is no Israel either. If you think otherwise, or that bureaucrats will alter these realities then you are a fool and will suffer the fools fate.

Cedar revolution? (WIKI)

Only successful revolutions are marked in history, the failures get left by the way side. The entire world has stepped forward to help Lebanon this past decade, but Lebanon can never see fit to help itself. FINISH THE JOB, or mark this day in your cedar calendars, Israel will finish it for you and the bill, the price will be yours to bear and no one else's.

Part II: All Hail the Bureaucrats
Solana, Larson, the UN Teams, Condi Rice and treating the Arabs like overgrown children is forthcoming.

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