Drudge / CNN: Gilad Alive, Israel on life support.

Drudge is linking to this CNN story, which is carrying a report from IBA Channel 1 in Israel that a doctor has claimed to have treated Gilad Shalit for his injuries.. Would be great news if it is confirmed.

Quite a chain..

The reports are as of yet unconfirmed. If you read the rest of the CNN story however one thing does become clear & quite confirmed. Weak Israeli leadership & endless concessions to the Palestinians with NOTHING in return for 15 years now have made Israel the punching bag of the World.

CNN practically waxes poetically about the leader of the Hamas terrorist organization, how they are 'powerless' to free Shalit like they are some sort of white knights, neglecting to expound on how Hamas kidnapped him in the first place.

Goes on to report how the USA has unilaterally snatched Israel's right to determine its own fate or defend itself away;

"We want the Israelis to practice restraint, and the Palestinians to hand over the soldier," Snow said Friday morning.
A full 180 as Queen Condi reverses policy to placate her European court jesters, Israel served up cold to the hungry jackals of Europe for 'future considerations'.

Lack of experience

Prime Minister Olmert with little experience, Foreign Minister Livni with even less, the Defense Minister Peretz simply incompetent, it all equals the weakest Israeli leadership I can remember. Egypt's Mubarak plays them like suckers, the USA steam rolls them. World wide expectations, appeasement & negotiations with terrorist groups under the cover of it being 'indirect' have now destroyed a core principle which has defended the people of Israel for 58 years - Our integrity & strength.

Sold off like a cheap trinket by the Olmert government, that will be Olmert's legacy.
And the lesson for Israel's enemies?

Snatch whomever you want, launch whatever you want anywhere, pound Israel with abandon. The dog may snarl and growl, but it is firmly on its master's leash and you can taunt it with glee. Israel will flex and moan, destroy empty fields, launch air strikes against empty buildings, and despite it all still be the bad guy!

Tell the world to go fly a kite Ehud Olmert, before it is too late.. Before all of Israel and not just Gilad Shalit becomes an eternal hostage.

The misleading headlines tell the story..

No Casualties!

For the first time in over 5000 years, the life of an 'innocent philistine' is worth more than the lives of two sons of Israel, one already shot in the head. I'm ashamed.