Is Condi on a Powell Trip?

Condi - US Dept of StateI know that Powell can get to your head.. Condi has been head of the NSA, now she's the Secretary of State – That's a lot of Powell, but the recent weak statements on Iran (yet to produce anything but laughing Mullahs) added to the following from the G8 meeting have left me a bit dubious, is she on a full fledged Powell trip?

[...] "With restraint, perhaps we can get back to a place where there can be hope for a peaceful resolution," U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice added during a news conference attended by the eight countries' foreign ministers, as well as representatives of the European Union and other groups. [...] (Haaretz)

What kind of restraint would she suggest? Israel has faced months of a terrorist government on (within) its borders. A brazen attack, the loss of its deterrence primarily to satisfy world opinion and the never ending fetish of restraint. It's Thursday, fast approaching Friday in Israel. This started on Sunday and murdered so far a young innocent Israeli, kidnapped after the initial attack!?

This kind of weakness gets people killed in the Middle East, the State of Israel has shown nothing but restraint to this point. We can get back exactly where? Perhaps? All this pandering to multilateral European BS has not been working, on any issue, at any point.

Time is running out, the Prime Minister said the time for restraint is OVER. No one's asking for Condi to cheer, just let Israel do its thing, there's enough pressure on an already weak duo leading Israel. They don't need their lone ally on the planet serving up a Secretary of State on a recent Powell trip..

Israel can't afford to play games with its foreign policy, the threats to Israel are serious and very real, only 24 hour vigilance and an iron fist keep the country safe.

UPDATE: Operation in the North currently cancelled due to INTL pressure for 'more diplomacy'

UPDATE II: Adam Ereli in State Dept briefing (C-Span) today mentions Secretary Rice did call Israeli foreign Minister Livni.

United States pressure has had its effect, for now..