Ramallah: Israel targets Hamas leadership in arrests

Has Israel decided (YNET) that like the Taliban & like Saddam's regime of brutality, that the Hamas Terrorist Government's day has come?

Far from the operations in Gaza, the IDF is active in the West Bank where 18 year old Eliyahu Asheri was abducted & murdered:

In a swift operation carried out throughout the West Bank early Thursday Israeli forces apprehended Hamas government ministers, parliament members and activists in what appears to be an attempt to "decapitate" the organization's leadership.

During the operation forces received word that the body of kidnapped settler teen Eliyahu Asheri was found in Ramallah. Among those arrested during the operation, which began shortly after midnight in Ramallah, Nablus, Qalqilya, Jenin and Jerusalem, are Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Nasser al-Shaer, Hamas government Labor Minister Muhammad Barghouti, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Khaled Abu Arfa and many other top officials.

Senior Hamas members Mahmoud Abu Tir and Mahmoud Atuan were apprehended in Jerusalem; most of the Palestinian Legislative Council members on Hamas' behalf were also detained in various West Bank cities.

Security establishment sources conformed that a wide-scale operation against Hamas members is being carried out. [...]

The Terrorists of Hamas attacked Israel and sought to bring pressure to bear? Well, welcome to the pressure cooker boys, have a nice stay. Just be glad after finding Eliyahu murdered Israel is a civilized nation, otherwise these troops would have slit your throats like is common amongst the dirty ilk of Hamas & the Jihad.