The end for Hamas leader in Syria? – Mashal implicated

Keep Moving

Syrian Hamas leader implicated in ordering Hamas Terrorist Attack, abducting Israeli Soldier, and the desecration of the bodies of murdered troops.

Khaled 'Keep Moving' Mashal the leader of Hamas in absentia in Syria has been implicated according to the news reports. Once again Mashal's hands are stained with blood.

The question remains, does he enjoy immunity because of Israel's peace with Jordan?


During the Netanyahu administration an attempt was made on Mashal's life by Israeli intelligence services while Khaled was in the Jordanian Kingdom.

Jordanian intelligence caught wind of the plan and created an international incident, the fallout resulted in a heavy price for Israel.

Mashal's life was spared, and further Sheik Yassin the leader of Hamas who was in Israeli prison at the time was released in order to placate then King Abdulah (update: woops, slip of the forked tongue King Hussein) who has himself since passed away.

Sheik Yassin, ever active in Terror after his release has since been killed in an Israeli air strike after the string of murderous suicide bombings which racked Israel in the Intifadah.

But Mashal, persona non grata lives and plots on in Syria. The fact that such a despicable terrorist is still alive and pulling Hamas strings from Syrian territory implies that Israel may have made a commitment to Jordanian rulers not to target Mashal in the future.

Obvious Target

Despite ongoing calls by the international community, the USA, Israel and others for Syria to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure the Palestinians enjoy in Syria, the axis of evil keeps the terror wheels spinning.

Is this the last straw? Despite any deals, is anyone truly immune from the long arm of Israeli justice? Hamas must pay the price, it's time for Mashal to pay the piper.

If Israel's soldier is not returned safely, the gates of hell will be opened on the Palestinians, as it is they are already about to be burned by the fire of their Hamas leaders.

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