IDF warned Olmert / Peretz border was NO LONGER Secure

Terrorist attack breaches Gaza fence via tunnel, 6 troopers wounded. some critically - 4 Terrorists reported killed.

Links to the IDF massing for ground incursion reports

YNET – Army forces entering Gaza
JPOST – IDF enters Gaza Strip
Haaretz – Tanks enter Gaza Strip

*** This attack follows repeated warnings from IDF commanders that the border was no longer fully secure due to strangling rules of engagement, inability to put troopers in place and prevent tunnelling, Govt warned that IAF alone and electronic measures insufficient ***

– Olmert is holding the PA responsible
– Hamas had video of attack that was planned well in advance

Update II: – Oy, JPOST is now reporting 2 troops killed, one missing – obscene.

Soldiers killed, now Israel will have no choice but to respond overwhelmingly, what a disaster the Kadima govt has been so far.

Yesterday Olmert was smiling with Abbas in Jordan like a buffoon while his peace partners and Hamas were planning this operation for weeks. The IDF (below) went in yesterday to get the Hamas men to try and stop it.

Update III – I'm listening to Reshet B radio from Israel (Hebrew) where a reserves General and Netanyahu are speaking of establishing a buffer zone within the Gaza strip to distance the Kassams and extend the electronic security net. The fact that this has not been done yet is unbelievable, Israelis are furious and with good reason.

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  • It's even worse.  No terrorists were killed in the initial attack.  Now the Hamas is claiming they have more than just one soldier.  (But the military censor prevents publication of more than that info now)

  • Hi Jameel, I'm pretty aware of your strong views on these matters. It is certainly time for the Israeli administration to finally act and with a heavy hand. The only explanation for these outrageous events is the weakening of Israeli deterrence since Hamas / Kadima were elected sadly.