Channel 1 breakdown of Terrorist infiltration

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IBA Channel 1, Israel's public broadcaster had an excellent report on the infiltration including some CGI video of how it unfolded. I've taken some stills of their efforts.

Here is the breakdown from Channel 1, Mabat.

Fire fight breaks out - Channel 1 News, Mabat
1- Fire fight: General warnings of an infiltration in the Kibbutz Kerem Shalom area and possible attempts to kidnap soldiers were in effect, that was the impetus to capture two Hamas men the night before for interrogation. The warnings were not specific enough to prevent the actions. In the early morning hours, firefights broke out at Kerem Shalom, this is a still from Hamas / Terrorist video, they prepared in advance to capture the assault on video (no comment on what I think of these people). Explosions clearly viewable.

Tunnel infiltration - Channel 1, Mabat.
2 – Infiltration: A group of what is assumed to be approx 9-10 terrorist infiltrators proceeded in a tunnel previously dug underneath the Gaza security fence extending some 200 metres beyond the seam, in order to carry out the attack via surprise.

Channel 1, Mabat
3 – Attack: The terrorists emerged to the rear of an Israeli position, breaking through the terrain above their tunnel unknown to the troops at the position, focused on the front of the line. The Terrorists then proceeded in a coordinated attack on the position.

Ambush: Channel 1, Mabat
4 – Coordinated Ambush: The lower APC was immediately struck with multiple anti-tank RPG rounds, destroying it. A surviving soldier has recounted that up to 20 RPG rounds were fired at their positions. The Terrorists split into groups at this point, one heading towards a watchtower in order to overcome it, a second group towards the remaining tank killing two of the soldiers inside. I believe that the Terrorist casualties from the attack were part of the group primarily attempting to take the watchtower from my understanding.

Killed in the attack, Hanan Barak, aged 20, and his Sergeant, Pavel Slocker.

Kidnap: Channel 1, Mabat
5 – Kidnap: Terrorists proceeded to overcome the tank with Gilad Shalit, aged 19 inside. the IDF soldier was taken overland towards the security fence. It is still unknown whether Gilad was wounded in the attack, but he is believed to be alive and the massive effort to retrieve him is ongoing.

Sortie: Channel 1, Mabat
6 – Exit: The position overrun, and with their IDF prisoner in tow the Terrorists breached the fence, again overland and regrouped with what is believed to be waiting vehicles on the other side before fleeing.


Hamas and various military wings have claimed responsibility, including a not before known of group calling themselves the "Army of God" leading some to speculate on whether this might be a Gazan Al Qaeda group, with Al Qaeda now believed to have set up roots in the chaos of self-ruled Gaza.

The delicate efforts now focused on the highest priority, the return of the missing IDF trooper Gilad, while the State of Israel simmers in rage over this highly planned terror attack designed specifically to kidnap IDF soldiers..

After the Security Cabinet meeting in Israel this evening, Givati & Golani Brigades are reported by Channel 1 to be massing & preparing for any needed incursions decided upon by Israel's now under serious duress leadership of Olmert / Peretz.