Desert Storm Success: IDF Commandos Storm Gaza

YNET has reported on the late night Shabbat operation to arrest Hamas militants. The IDF is highlighting the extraordinary intelligence and skill required to enter the strip in such a manner, calling the operation an unqualified success, not a single shot was fired.

Prompting the operation? The need to conduct interrogations of Hamas members to prevent a potential large scale terror attack.

"It is true that this is an unusual step, which has not been implemented since we left the Strip, but it proves that we will do everything necessary in order to prevent a terror attack," IDF sources said.

"The force was ready for any possibility while carrying out the operation, but it was done smoothly. This is another operation out of the basket of operations we hold in order to foil a terror attack. In the future we will also operate in any way in order to guarantee the security of Israel's citizens," a military source stated.

Southern Command Chief Yoav Galant complimented the force that carried out the operations and the commanders of the Gaza division and the southern brigade.

I'm applauding the resolute nature of Israel's military. Despite the apparent lack of support by the political echelon in Israel of late, the conscripted troops of the IDF continue to astound with their defensive prowess. Time and again the IDF proves to the politicians that when given the required leeway to operate in defense of the State, the IDF delivers.

Debka reports on the growing rift between high ranking IDF officials, and the Olmert / Peretz duo of weakness. Olmert & Peretz have tied the hands of the IDF, but we see clearly now both the successes and deterrence the IDF is capable of if only given the political will to defend the State of Israel from harm.

Israeli Maj.-Gen (Res.) Yitzhak Ben-Israel, a member of the prime minister's Kadima party, said in a state radio interview on June 22: "This is not the finest hour of Israel's national security leadership." Pressed to elaborate on who in particular he meant, the general mentioned prime minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Amir Peretz.

He reminded listeners that the IDF, its commanders and men, do not function in a vacuum. In Israel, after putting forward their recommendations and arguments, army chiefs must defer to the orders of elected government and bound to carry out the tasks assigned them. Therefore, since the government has instructed the IDF to confine itself to air force activity in the war against the Qassam missile – and barred all other means of warfare, the military has no option but to obey."


While the Israeli prime minister repeatedly vows "We will never compromise in the fight against terror," he and the defense minister are consciously tying the IDF's hands against pursuing this fight. [...]

Ehud, are you asleep? Take note of your plummeting support, contrasted with your military that despite EVERY international effort, continues to be the pride of Israel.